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No More Beta-Minds Is Ready for Prime-Time

ArokkMar 30, 2018, 5:41:41 AM

Minds has ditched the "Beta" designation in its logo, and it couldn't have happened at a more opportune time.

With Facebook being in hot water on multiple fronts, YouTube and Twitter being lambasted regularly for censorship, a constant barrage of reports pertaining to privacy violations and breeches, and the general trust of the internet population in the toilet, the time is ripe for the next generation of social networks to take over and Minds is at the forefront.

Minds' introduction of its own cryptocurrency, its embrace of the block-chain, and its new interface for both browser and app-based users has it set to capitalize on the stumbles of the big guys. Here, we, the users, own our content, we bear the responsibility of what that content entails, and we stand to reap the rewards under the Ottmans of the world.

At last, we have a social network that respects us, our privacy, and our content. At last, we have a way to voice our opinions without fear of the Ban Hammer or even "FB Jail". At last, we have the means to make sure our content is seen by more than just a friends list in an ecosystem that allows us to earn our keep while, if we so choose, paying for extra views or just operating as we have always done through the Big Boys (TM).

As I said, Minds is at the forefront of this social networking revolution, but it is not the only participant. In subsequent blogs, I will review not only Minds.com's new features in detail, but also some of the other players in the new social media game. This post, however, is just intended to be a reaffirmation of my fandom of what the Minds.com creators hath wrought.

Our work does not go unnoticed. Our passions do not go unexpressed. Our message does not go unheard (whatever that message may be). Thank you, Minds.com.