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Why Men Love Jordan Peterson

Unquiet ContentionMar 29, 2018, 8:13:36 AM

Jordan Peterson is considered to be a controversial person. Precisely why that is, I'm not sure. He is a non-practicing Christian with an affinity towards a psychological interpretation of Christian myths. Perhaps it is at this level that people take offence.

There has been a strident movement to delegitimise Christianity, to destroy it and remove it from our culture by far-left radicals. Institutions based around Christian values are slowly closing down, and literal belief in Christianity is at an all-time low.

This is undoubtedly caused by the increase in scepticism and it should be applauded as a positive development in society in so far as it is harmless on the surface. We have now, after several decades of observation, come to a realisation, or at the very least we really ought to come to one, life without belief is often difficult.

Removal of literal and dogmatic belief in anything, even scientific facts is the best way to destroy dogmatism. However, while we have turned our critical eye towards Christianity, nothing at all is being done about Islam. And further, Islam is being given protection from criticism by the UK and the EU. It is for this reason and the rise of radical Islam that we must indeed revitalise our culture.

Peterson proposes an allegorical and psychological view of Christianity, understanding it as a narrative rather than as a tool of conversion: indeed, Christianity reads precisely like a narrative rather than a propaganda tool, whether you believe it or not, this is a fact.

There is also another reason Jordan Peterson takes this approach: We live in a time where there is so much less meaning in the world than there ever was before. We are close but we are disconnected. We can access infinite amounts of information, but we are secluded in our rooms and indeed most of our jobs will be performed in similar rooms.

In other words, it's very easy to see why people would want to end their lives given that the prevailing narrative is that mankind is worthless and will die uselessly and pathetically. We hear it all the time, the kind of nihilism that is so corrosive and corrupting that it has and does and will continue to kill young men and boys.

We are born into a society which hates us, which tells us it wants to replace us in positions of power, that we are born with privilege and that we really ought to die. I have had my fair share of experiences with this attitude, radical, nihilistic and ultimately, corrosive elements are working within our society, using postmodernism as a functional tool rather than a tool of humour and positive reflection.

See Monty Python for a good example of how to use Postmodernist critique in a humorous way. We also live in a society that is remarkably polarised and destructive to freedom of speech. Radical leftists are consistently calling for the removal of male voices from university platforms.

We ultimately live within a system harmful to the future of everyone, every single person with a voice and something to say, but this does in fact affect men and boys in a particular kind of way. We are told to be silent and shy and to keep out of the way of this new feminist utopia.

Imagine the opposite was true, that men were told they were proud and strong warriors that had to harness their skills and abilities and use them to fulfil greatness. Imagine the dent that would have on the male suicide statistic. But men are instead told that they are potential rapists, are told to serve the sentence regardless of innocence, and are told to get away from women lest they burst into insane sexual rage.

Even a father with his daughter gets this treatment. Everyone, that is, every man is the most disgusting, harmful thing the beholder can consider at the time and it is true because the person saying it outranks the target, the usually white target. It's no wonder the Alt-right are on the rise. The Far-left did this, not us.

So then, Peterson's ideas are a call to return our focus on history, on the Christian and mythological archetypes we once found so inviting and without which, our society is eroding. And trust me, young women suffer from a lack of male drive to do, well, anything too. What would you rather have, as Peterson pointed out in the Channel Four interview with Cathy Newman, a weak man or a strong one?

If you want to dominate men, continue to abuse them and call them every name under the sun, right up until they shut you down and a Far-Right government shuts you down, giving you the oppressive regime you have so desperately been calling for.

We either adopt traditional values of respectful discourse, free inquiry and stop hurting men and boys to the extent that they commit suicide, or we will generate a society so remarkably dark that no one, man nor woman will be able to stand it. If you throw the world into the dark, it will remain dark for a very long time.

Look to our history, our past, and only then can we understand the future. I like Peterson because he tells us to do exactly that: go on an adventure, live your life and find meaning in it, and to tame the monster within. That's a damn sight of a better message than 'shut up and kill yourself' which as it happens, is the Social Justice message.

We change, or this society and what is left of its culture will burn. Diversity is not the solution. Honesty and integrity, truth and lucidity is the key in this dream-like time of ours, and that's exactly what people, especially young men, need to hear.

Thanks for listening.