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A link between Tewskbury & Vegas massacre? Man with gun stash in hotel room tells police he was on a "secret government mission". [UPDATED]

Sarah EaglesfieldMay 13, 2018, 7:49:29 AM

Francho Bradley, 59, from Frisco, Texas called the police on himself this Saturday afternoon. He believed that his hotel room in Tewskbury, Massachusetts, had been burgled, because a video device he'd wired up to the door had lost its connection. He was concerned because he had an unsecured gun in the room, and he didn't want it to end up in the wrong hands.

What Bradley failed to mention was that he had an entire stash of guns in the room - and what a stash it was! But let's take a break from this actual news and reflect: a stash of weapons, a hotel room, a video device - doesn't all this sound strangely familiar? The only difference seems to be that Bradley wasn't acting alone, and had been staying at the hotel with his girlfriend, Adrianne Jennings.

Photo by Tewksbury PD

The story gets even more bizarre from there. Bradley told the police he was on a secret government mission. He wouldn't disclose which agency he was working for, only that he may require the firearms to be able to deal with a virus.

Indeed, he gave police permission to take and store the weapons in the station, provided he could access them when he needed to. Then he advised them not to press ahead with any charges, because the classified nature of his work would result in them having paperwork for years.

Tewskbury PD posted a photo of the items found in the hotel room. These included:

- an AR-15 with a grenade launcher and silencer
- an AK-47
- a .22-caliber rifle with a silencer
- 2 x 308-caliber rifles with 3 x loaded large capacity magazines,
- a 9-millimeter gun with 2 x large capacity magazines
- a .45-caliber gun with 2 x speed loaders
- a shotgun
- numerous rounds of ammunition
- multiple smoke grenades.

Bradley had a valid gun license for Texas, but not Massachusetts, so he and his girlfriend Jennings were charged anyway, with multiple counts of weapons possessions. They've pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors say they don't believe there was ever any risk to the public.

SIX WEEKS LATER,  - cut to Waikiki. A hotel room is raided, and police find a stash of weapons. The guns were legally registered to the owner, and no law was broken by him having the weapons in the hotel room - however, the police were tipped off by a post on social media, and raided the room.

Not all that news-worthy in itself, apart from the fact that the unnamed 38 year old man claiming to be a federal agent on a mission to hunt terrorist cells.

Yes! More guns!

You can't help but think of Stephen Paddock and the Vegas massacre reading these stories - if maybe he thought he was helping a government agency control a killer virus or hunt down a terrorist cell (indeed, if maybe he was). Thankfully no one is dead, and our secret agents' missions are over, for now, at least.

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