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Produce eBay Product Photos Of which Sell Your Products Quickly

sinarmuliacoms2Mar 28, 2018, 1:22:22 PM

So many times we put things up on amazon to have it never sell. Just about anything at all sells on eBay so what was your problem? Typically the problem may have been your product photo. The bad photography is a kiss of death for your eBay sales. How do you create a product picture that markets?

Decent product photographs are the life blood of your online eBay business. If you don't have compelling professional looking product pictures, you are doomed to failure. Could you want to buy something you could not see first? Neither do people else. Anyone buying something on eBay wants to find the product in detail to know very well what exactly they are buying.

Most items sold on eBay by most people are smaller items, lower than 1 foot by 1 foot. To get a decent image of your product, you need to use what is called a "light box". A light box allows Photo Light Boxes you to take really great photographs of your product, fully illuminated, with really clear detail. This creates the correct amount of light which also helps your camera display the correct color and clarity.

A light container includes a box about 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 feet. It has opaque sides and top for light. A store bought light box usually comes with 2 high intensity lamps. One for the left side and one for the best side. The lights sparkle in from the edges. Your product is positioned in the box. The starting of this is facing you and is how your camera will indicate take the picture. There usually is a gray or blue backdrop inside the lightbox so there is not lines to show where the back stops and the bottom starts. One continuous background.

Whenever you are desperate your lights, bring them as near to the front as possible so they are illumination up the front and sides of your product. Take you photography from the front opening and you will have a professional looking photography to show off in your eBay store.

You can get light boxes in a lot of places (even Walmart used to offer them but I how to start if they still do). Just Google "photography light box". The particular one at Walmart used to cost about $35. 00 but it could be approximately now. It came with 2 25watt halogen lights with stands, a camera stand, a gray and a glowing blue backdrop and the lightbox itself (made out of nylon) that folds up into a flat carrying situation.