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The Gnostic Esoteric Magic of the Runes

Luminous▼SovereignMar 28, 2018, 8:49:18 AM

“The script of the First Root Race was with the Runes. The mallet of Masonry comes from the arrow of the Egyptian God Ra, and this is a Rune. In that epoch, the rituals of the Polar Temple were all runic. The movements of the officials were runic. This is the Divine Script. Let us remember that the Swastika is a Rune. The Hebrew letters are but modifications of runic letters.
-Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

“The runes are formidable for the awakening of the consciousness.” 
-Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes

Runic language

Runes have mysterious origins but are considered remnants of a very ancient language used in previous root races. According to H.P. Blavatsky, the word “rune” is from a Scandinavian term meaning secret. Runes have mysterious origins within the Nordic tradition, as letters of a language that also contain ritualistic properties.

Samael Aun Weor received the teachings of the runes from his Rosicrucian teacher Arnold Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), and from studying the Nordic tradition. His book The Gnostic Magic of the Runes contains three aspects in alternating chapters: explanation of the Runes, reflections on the Aenied, and a study of pure science.

Runes as a map

The runes show a map of the initiatic path– the journey that each seeker of God must make through psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual struggles and transformations.

This journey is mirrored in The Aenied, the story of the founding of the city of Rome by Aeneas, the last of the great semi-Divine Greek heroes. Here Rome represents the Celestial Jerusalem, the Holy City that we build inside of ourselves, the cathedral of the soul.

Runic science

The chapters on science include studies on meditation and reflections on molecular and astro-physics. This shows that transformation on this journey occurs by utilizing the matter of the physical body and the universe, and working in a scientific way with the mind.

As unveiled by Samael Aun Weor the runic practices contain a posture, prayer, mantra, and the transmutation of vital energies. Each rune connects us with a certain archetype inside ourselves. The runic practices are powerful experiential tools, allowing us to become the symbol and polarize intelligently the inner meaning of the rune.

Rune FA

“A Judo of the Spirit exists; we are referring to the Runic exercises; these are formidable for the awakening of the Consciousness. Whosoever wants to work with this judo must begin with the rune of Mercury, which has a violet color that originates extraordinary cosmic forces. Therefore, it is necessary to know that this aforesaid Nordic rune encloses in itself the whole potency and impulse for fecundity. We need the Fohat’s breath, the Pentecostal sparks, in order to fecundate our own psyche, in order for us to become self-conscious. If we analyze the practices of the Rune FAH, we can affirm that Pranayama, prayer, meditation and a specific sacred posture exist within them.” 
-Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Course in Runic Magic

FA… encloses in itself all the force, all the energy of Fecundity in the absolute sense of the word. Try, Oh Disciple! to fecundate all your success and all your happiness with this energy and it will come to you in the nocturnal silence of your spiritual night like precious gifts…”  
-Arnold Krumm-Heller “Huiracocha”

“When we get out of bed, with immense happiness we must salute each new day by raising our arms towards, the Sun-Christ, our Lord, in such a way that the left arm is a little more elevated than the right one, and that the palms of our hands must remain before the light in that ineffable and sublime attitude of one who really yearns to receive the solar rays. This is the sacred posture of the rune Fa. Once like this, we will work with Pranayama, inhaling the air through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth in a rhythmical way and with much faith. Let us imagine in those instants that the light of the Sun-Christ enters within us through the fingers of our hands, circulates through our arms, inundates our entire organism, until it reaches the consciousness and stimulates it, awakens it, and calls it into activity. In the mysterious and divine nights practice this runic judo before the starry sky of Urania, and with the same posture, pray. This short and great prayer can and must be prayed with all of our heart, as many times as we want.”
-Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Course in Runic Magic

The rune FA is a Sun salutation to receive help, protection, and inspiration from the great Solar Logos, the cosmic fire, the active force of light within everything. It is excellent to greet the Sun rising in the morning, saluting the beginning of a new day and its possibilities. With this practice we receive the solar light into the chakras, or energy gateways, of the hands, through the arms and into the heart.

Fire is the potency of the sexual force, the drive and impetus within our bodies. Fire can be directed in useful or destructive ways, but it can never be put out. With this rune we can initiate each day with a devotion to the Solar Logos with courage and strength, and burn away laziness and confusion. We can use this rune practice to strengthen the Essence with devotion and transmutation and feel a deeper connection to our inner Being.


Facing the East, with the arms raised and palms out, with the left arms raised slightly above the right we recite the following prayer and mantra:

Marvelous Forces of Love, enliven my sacred fires, so that my consciousness will awaken.


alutation to the Solar Logos.
Practice: Facing the East hold the arms outstretched with the palms facing forward and the left hand slightly raised. Receive the light into the hand chakras, through the arms and into the heart.
Prayer: Marvelous force of love! Revive my sacred fires so that my consciousness will awaken!
Mantra: FA FE FI FO FU


Christic Will, the crown of thorns that brings great suffering in the world, and ultimately triumph in God.
Practice: Facing the East, with the feet together and the left hand on left hip.
Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven…
Mantra: TA TE TI TO TU

Rune IS

The sacred rune IS allows us to deepen our relationship with the fiery serpent called Kundalini. The Kundalini is our intimate Divine Mother in her aspect as Isis, the priestess of the temple who teaches us the mysteries of transformation.

She is the fiery Kundalini, the root of our sexual potency and of all our energies, the serpent that rises slowly vertebrae by vertebrae in accordance with the merits of the heart.

To love the Divine Mother is to love the path of transformation, to love all Beings as a part of her, and to feel her Divine force of love moving in all of creation.

“The Cosmic Mother has no form, but will take on any form in order to answer the supplicant. She can present herself in the form of Isis, Rhea, Cibeles, Tonantzin, Mary etc. When the Divine Mother has given her answer to the devotee, she then disintegrates her form instantaneously, because she no longer needs it. The Divine Mother is not a woman, nor is she an individual. She is in fact an unknown substance. Any form that she takes disintegrates afterwards- that is love.” -Samael Aun Weor, The Yellow Book

The ineffable words of the Goddess Neith have been sculpted on the resplendent walls of the Temple of Wisdom with letters of gold. ‘I am she that has been, is, and will be, and no mortal has lifted my veil.'” -Samael Aun Weor,  Tarot and Kabbalah

Practice of the Rune IS

Stand with the spine erect, like the upright path of the kundalini fire. Concentrate on your spine and pronounce the mantra SSSSS, like the hissing of a flame.

You may perform the rune standing still, or kneeling, or raising the arms slowly in imitation of the wings of Isis with the mantra SSS.

To deepen the connection to the Divine Mother Kundalini, pronounce the following prayer:

Be thou O Hadit my secret,
the Gnostic mystery of my Being,
the central point of my connection,
my heart itself, and bloom on my fertile lips made word.
Up above in the infinite Heavens,
the incessant glow of light is the naked body of Hadit.
She reclines, curves in delightful ecstasy,
to receive the osculum of the secret fervor Hadit.
The winged sphere and the blue of the sky are mine.

Devotional to the Divine Mother Kundalini
Mantra: IS IS

Rune UR

The Divine Mother in her cosmic aspect goes by many different names. She was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as the goddess Nut, her body itself being the starry firmament. She is the receptive aspect of all of creation, and her manifestations are infinite.

Her posture is curved over like the womb of the sky. To experience and commune with this part of the Divine Mother we can utilize prayer and the Runic postures given to us through the Gnostic tradition of Samael Aun Weor.

There are many Runic practices in the Gnostic tradition, each with different purpose and meaning, and the rune UR in particular is dedicated to the Divine Mother. UR is the cosmic womb, which is closed during the Great Night, called the Mahapralaya, and opens downward and gives birth to the Great Cosmic Day, the Mahamanvantara. When the new Cosmic Day dawns the Eternal Mother Space extends out like a lotus bud.

“Loving our Divine Mother and thinking in that great womb where worlds are gestated, let us pray…” –Samael Aun Weor

The Practice of the Rune UR

The rune is “performed before the sun with raised arms and hands, legs opened and body slightly crouched, thus awaiting to receive light and more light.”
-Samael Aun Weor

“The student will place himself towards the North or facing the Sun and once he has raised his arms up like in the previous Rune FA, he will bend down with his legs open, and in this position, he will think firmly that in this way the Cosmic Current may penetrate in his interior…”
-Arnold Krumm-Heller “Huiracocha”

In the crouching position recite the following prayer:

Within my true internal Being resides the Divine Light
RAM IO Mother of my Being, Devi Kundalini
RAM IO help me
RAM IO assist me, illuminate me
RAM IO Divine Mother of mine, Isis of mine
You have the child Horus, my true Being, in your arms.
Help me to die within myself
So that my Essence may be lost in Him…Him…Him…

After the prayer bow forward in imitation of the Egyptian goddess Nut, the curve of the sky.

About the Prayer of the Rune UR

Within this prayer we call upon the Divine Mother in all of her aspects, who is interwoven in the branches of the Tree of Life.

RAM IO is a mantra for three aspects of the Divine Mother: our individual Mother Nature, creator and architect of our physical organism related to the sephirah Malkuth, our Elemental Intercessor related to Yesod, and our individual Divine Mother the Kundalini sexual force, related to Binah.

“Help me to die within myself..”  is an invocation of Divine Mother Death, the terrible Hecate, Persephone, Coatlicue, queen of the infernos and death; terror of love and law, related to Geburah.

With the curved posture we call and pray to the unmanifested Prakriti, the Divine Mother Space, imitating the posture of the Egyptian goddess Nut, and related to the Ain Soph.

“So that my Essence may be lost in Him..Him…Him…” We are also invoking the Christ, the golden child Horus, asking to surrender to Him. Christ teaches us to sacrifice everything,  over and over so that the worlds may have life and have it in abundance.

We yearn to die psychologically, mystically, so that our beautiful Essence is lost in the love of the Christ, the golden child Horus.

Devotional to the Divine Mother of Cosmic Space.
Mantra: RAM I O

Runes TYR and BAR

The runes TYR and BAR are used together in practice to awaken the consciousness. The combination of the postures and mantras, and practiced with an alert awareness within the body can bring about the awakening of our beautiful Essence.

The objectives of this practice, as Samael Aun Weor writes: are to wisely mix within our own interior universe the magical forces of the two Runes, to awaken Consciousness, and to intimately accumulate Christic Atoms of high voltage. Using the mantras we can change our vibration by activating the essential nature and vital force within our blood.


The letter “T” or Tau strikes the Consciousness in order to awaken it. The letter “I” works intensely within the blood which is the vehicle of the essence. The “R,” while intensifying the circulation of the blood in the veins and in the sanguineous vessels, operates marvels with the igneous flames by intensifying and stimulating the awakening of the Consciousness.

You must intelligently combine the exercises of the Rune Bar with the exercises of the Rune Tyr or Tir.
-Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes

Place the arms above the head, and descend them to the sides of the body with the hands cupped like shells, while singing the mantra TYYYYRRR, prolonging each vowel and rolling the R.

Then bend the left knee and place the left hand on the left hip to create a ‘B’, and sing the mantra BAARRR.

TYR and BAR are often combined as a pair to work with the Christic willpower and to prepare ourselves for the incarnation of the intimate Christ.
Practice: Facing the East with the feet together and the arms raised above the head. Pronounce the mantra TYR, prolonging the “R” while slowly bringing the arms down to the sides. Then bend the left knee out and put the left hand on the hip to imitate a “B” and pronounce the mantra BAR, prolonging the “R”.
Mantras: TYR and BAR


The rune RITA reminds us of the importance of the law, both the earthly law, and the divine cosmic law known as karma. We must pay what we owe with love, good deeds, conscious remorse and voluntary sufferings, or else it will inevitably be bitterness.

We must always remember our Divine Mother Kundalini, we cannot eliminate the ego without her, we cannot progress at all without her.

Samael Aun Weor relates an experience he had of entering consciously into the infernos and seeing a corpse that was his “evil Adam” lying in a ditch, while his Divine Mother dressed in mourning clothes like the Sorrowful Mother. She tells him with love that there is nothing left for her to extract from that aggregate, he is dead.

With the work of mystical death we die to the multiple egoic forces within, liberating the Essence and becoming unified psychologically and spiritually. This allows us to not be subject to the law of karma, but in the meantime, we must work with this law.

“Do we humans know what justice is? Not in any way. There is just one, exclusively one, only one within oneself, which knows what justice is, and that is God. It is God, because He is Law and Justice in himself and the Absolute, Supreme Source, from where everything has sprung forth. Just as the truth only comprehends the truth, so is it that Justice only comprehends itself
-Arnold Krumm-Heller “Huiracocha”

The rune RITA helps us to die to the ego by activating conscious remorse and repentance. Repentance as the natural remedy for the suffering we feel in life. This is not the same as guilt, shame, regret etc. Remorse and repentance are emotions of a higher octave which bring us closer to our Being.

This rune is related with the astrology sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. The symbol of Saturn is the the cross above the crescent, showing the nature of matter bearing down on our soul. We also see this with the apostle Andrew and the X cross of sacrifice. The suffering of matter, the suffering in our lives is a result of our past actions, either in this life or a previous life. The key is repentance in light and love to transform our matter, our suffering into the wisdom and love of Christ.


“In the Rune FA we raise our arms; in the Rune UR we open our legs; in the Rune DORN we put one hand on our waist; in the Rune OS the legs are opened and the hands are on the waist. In the present Rune RITA we must open one leg and one arm; thus, in this position, our gnostic students will see that they, in themselves, are the runic letters, just as they are described.”
-Samael Aun Weor

“When will people comprehend all the mysteries of the Rune Rita? Certainly this is the rune of the Law. The fundamental mantras of the Rune Rita are: RRRAAA… RRREEE… RRRIII… RRROOO… RRRUUU…, we have to put ourselves in the position (as shown in the picture) and prolong the sound of each letter. This practice must be done each time it is considered convenient, once a day for a period of time in a rhythmic and equilibrated way.”
-Samael Aun Weor

Place the left hand on the left hip and stand with left leg out to form an R.
Use the following mantras:


If we wish to deepen this practice we can pray to our inner Being and our Divine Mother to help us to experience conscious remorse.

Conscious remorse, awakening the consciousness and the heart.
Practice: Facing the East with the left arm on the hip and the left leg slightly extended in imitation of the letter “R”.
Mantra: RA RE RI RO RU

Rune MAN

The rune MAN can connect us to the Solar Logos, the divine force of sacrifice and love that is the spiritual aspect of our physical Sun.


Facing the East, we stand with our arms raised and recite this Prayer to the Solar Logos:

Oh Thou, Solar Logos, igneous emanation, substance and consciousness of Christ,
Powerful life whereby everything advances,

Come unto me and penetrate me, enlighten me, bathe me,
go through me and awaken within my Being

All of those ineffable substances that are so much a part of Thee as well as a part of me.

Universal and cosmic force, mysterious energy, I conjure Thee, come unto me, remedy my affliction, cure me from this ill, and put apart from me this suffering so I can have harmony, peace and health.

I ask Thee in thy sacred name which the Mysteries and the Holy Gnostic Church have taught me,
so Thou can make vibrate with me all the Mysteries of this plane and superior planes, and that all of those forces together may achieve the miracle of my healing.
So be it, so be it, so be it!

A celebration and devotion to the Solar Logos.
Practice: Facing the East with the arms raised in a “V”.
Mantra: IAO
Prayer: Prayer to the Solar Logos

Rune AR

Behold I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on it shall not be confounded. The stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner; a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense.’

The old medieval alchemists always sought “the philosopher’s stone” and some of them performed the Great Work successfully.
Speaking with blunt frankness it is our duty to emphatically affirm that this stone is sex. Within the stone (sex) the fire is found latent and the ancients made sparks come out from within the living bossom of the hard flint.

The mantram ARIO prepares the Gnostics for the advent of the sacred fire. Chant this mantram every morning dividing it up into three syllables: A-RI-O, prolonging the sound of each letter. It is advisable to practice this mantram for ten minutes daily.
-Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Course of Runic Magic

AR, in the original language, means SUN. That is

where ARIO, ARISTO, ARIAL comes from. As a standard it releases a part of the earth to us. Now this Rune in the original language was called ARA, which is the other name that it is known by. ARA means ALTAR. Upon that Altar sacrifices are offered and it is a small stone which rests directly upon the Altar itself where the Chalice is deposited.

-Arnold Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)


Standing upright and in a state of alertness, step the right foot out and use the mantra ARIO. Prolong the letters and syllables and repeat for 10 minutes daily.

Preparation for the advent of the sacred fire
Practice: Facing the East with the left leg slightly outward
Mantra: AR I O

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