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Minds.com is the potential candidate to replace Facebook

nylsanMar 27, 2018, 10:55:56 AM

Unlike other big social media, We need not give sensitive information just to open an account in Minds.com. We have to give all the basic information when we are going to open an account on Facebook. My real name, age, liking, interest, almost everything. Initially, We did not know about it. Now, We know that Facebook and other dishonest social media selling our private information to the advertisers and earning huge money. In return, We do not get back anything.

We are not comfortable with the traditional Social media. Due to us, They are very popular. If you look at Facebook, They are big because we use it daily. They are taking a big advantage of it. We have given everything to them including all our private information and they are happily misusing it.

We are in a vicious circle. We need to go to Facebook to connect our friends and family members, To find out our long lost friends. At the end of the day what we get is not good for us. Our newsfeed is full of unwanted advertisement. This is a total shame. How we can get rid of this big giant dishonest social media. The only way is to use the decentralized social media like minds.com. 

You need not give details just to open an account in Minds.com. Just a username and password is good enough. You can give your email to recover if you forget your password. Minds.com does not sell our data to third-party advertisers.

What is your opinion on Decentralized Social Media like Minds.com?