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David Hogg was in class, still some things don't add up

Sarah EaglesfieldMar 27, 2018, 6:30:43 AM

I'll admit I got excited when I heard that David Hogg may not have been on campus at Stoneman Douglas High School during the Parkland shooting. In a sneak preview of the CBS News Special 39 Days Hogg says: "On the day of the shooting, I got my camera, and got on my bike, and rode as fast I could 3 miles from my house to the school, to get as much video and get as many interviews as I could."

The quote, it turns out, was taken out of context. Hogg went home after the shooting, and returned on his bike later in the day to make videos. However, some things about Hogg's timeline that day still don't quite make sense.

Take, for example, the Alexa View Interview that was included in his original video - uploaded to the Sun Sentinel at 8.35pm on the day of the shooting, with a verbal timestamp of "9.24" (AM or PM not noted).

Sun Sentinel have since replaced the video with that of an interview David did with his teacher, Ashley Kurth, in broad daylight. Whether this was made on the day of the shooting or not has yet to be discovered.

Also note how he complained about there being "too many drills" whilst he was in the cupboard. He implored one of the other students to speak because he "needed diversity".

I'd initially suspected Hogg was making money from his videos, as it was distributed to news agencies via the viral marketing company, Storify. A Storify spokesperson assured me that Hogg hadn't been paid anything, but he had signed their consent form to allow them to distribute it. As the age of majority in Florida is 18, that in itself was an error on the company's part, and a lively Twitter thread (during which two employees called me an idiot) abruptly ended when I pointed this out to them.

Hogg turns 18 next month. No longer a child, but, if he & his friends have their way, no longer able to buy a firearm. Perhaps we should be grateful for that.