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My Road to Here. Hello, Minds! Father, futurist, researcher & Keynote Speaker

kevinrussellMar 26, 2018, 5:39:11 PM

It has been an interesting road traveled so far. Not sure how far to go back...

How about we make this a type of AMA, where I list a few highlights and those who are interested I can elaborate in the comments? :)

Born and Raised Mormon. After serving a mission in Detroit, living on 8 mile. Believing my underwear would save me from bullets. Getting married in the temple and then divorced shortly after. Lead me to leave my Internet/Gaming center I ran in San Diego, to go live on a Gold Mine deep in Alaska. Its here I was given the first opportunity for true introspection and freedom of thought.

One of the most valuable experiences of my life was when I took my first #psychedelic in the form of a #mushroom. I remember seeing myself in the mirror, eyes dilated, colors amplified, with no feeling of intoxication, just a lucidity of #introspection.It caused me to perceive myself in the reflection as I was, not as I told myself I would be when I had time, or the other number of justifications that had resulted in the 400+ pound man looking back at me in the mirror. The psychedelic experience gave me a perspective of reality. The clarity in the reflection allowed me to solidify concrete goals for who and what I would see in a mirror of the future.

Yoga, Fasting, Jiu-Jitsu and an open source cognitive state. Showed me the power and plasticity our bodies and minds are afforded.

A year and a half later, I had lost over 200 pounds and was competing in the Ironman triathlon. 

I started and hosted a few different podcasts. That lead into attending a number of conferences and moderation panels. Eventually leading up to giving Keynote Speeches.

I have been working with John Smart over the last few years helping get The Foresight Guide online. If you have a thirst for the future. This guide is a fountain of untapped knowledge. John has an incredible mind and disciplined approach to predicting and planning for the future. http://www.foresightu.com

I am Currently working with http://awecademy.org A new online learning platform, with the goal to nurture innovators and critical thinkers who can see the big picture, take a cosmic perspective, and have a positive impact in the world.


And last, and most importantly. I am a single father raising the most beautiful little human. She gives me hope for our future. 

We have been practicing with our balance every day. I made a progression video in December that was picked up by a number of news outlets and such. Video has millions of views over a number of networks. Proud of her and the bond it has created between us.

If you made it this far, Thanks! :) <3  #Minds is a beautiful platform. So much potential. We have to remember and take responsibility for the message. That is... 

Minds is the Medium 

We are the Message!