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4NEW – an Energy Solution❓

mirofameMar 25, 2018, 12:51:21 PM

☑️What is 4New❓

Blockchain industry has been gaining grounds in the last couple of years. Nowadays, almost everyone has heard at least something about it. Haven’t you? But what about electricity based on blockchain? Can you imagine such a thing? Well, it turns out that you need not imagine it, since it already exists. 4New is exactly the company that offers the integration of energy consumption on blockchain platform. This is an innovative approach, aiming to resolve three major problems concerning waste excess, energy deficiency and voracious.

✅The problem

It turns out that blockchain is becoming more and more used by companies on the background and the chances are that this process is going to continue in the future because of the transparency the technology offers. Up to now, it looks like it is all great and we have found the technology we need. However, there is a major problem behind this beautiful picture. 

It turns out that Bitcoin mining takes a lot of energy and as the need for Bitcoins increases, the use of energy will increase to a such a point that the Bitcoin mining will consume energy equaling the twentieth country in the world that uses energy consumption the most. This just cannot be maintained. If the process continues, the cost of energy will increase a lot.


4New is eco-friendly project that will use waste and organic materials to generate energy. The project uses KWAT coins that contain 1 kilowatt for a year. What is special about the coin is that a holder only purchases the coin without paying for energy since it is free. Those who use the platform will be able to choose which coins to be mined by their KWAT coin energy.


Every great project needs an even greater team. 4New is not an exception, there are nine people in the core team, all of which experienced professionals. V. Datta is the founder and chairman of the project. The rest of the team is represented by CEO, COO, CMO, Technical Lead, CIO, Business Development, Marketing and Customer Relations and Blockchain Specialist. These are the kind of specialists included in the project and in addition, there are ten advisors that regulate and support their work. This makes a great mix of professionals that will achieve amazing results.


Analyzing the social media, 4New has 5 017 members on Telegram, 7 146 followers on Facebook, 1 745 followers on Twitter and many more followers and members on other sites such as Slack, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Github, Reddit. This speaks for interest in the project and ability to get informed about it from a number of sites.


The Roadmap is carefully planned and organized. Everything follows a schedule. It covers the period from October 2017 when the pre-sale is launched, to 2019 when there would be measurement of the growth of the project as well as second energy plant.


The hard cap is estimated to be 3 000 000 coins and there won’t be release of more coins. There was no selling until 1st of January 2018. Coins that remained unsold will be burnt and the energy will be sold to UK national network or used for mining. The assumed discount is 2 %. 1 Kwat coin = 1 kW of electricity, one coin equals $0,20 per kW. Currently, the Soft Cap is being reached and $ 41.5M have been raised. At the moment, 1 Kwat = $ 1.5 USD +/- 5% and this will change depending on ETH price rate.

✅Internet Research

Basic google search opens a number of pages that praise and give more information about the project. I haven’t come across any negative comments. One of the latest pages informs that the selling of coins will end on 27th of March, which is three days earlier than expected and will be resumed later.

☑️Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper is very thorough and gives all the information one needs to become familiar with the project and its aim. Probably one of the major sections is devoted namely on explanation of this and how it is going to be achieved. Another major section dwells upon the tokens, which is extremely important for a future user of the platform.

✅Website Review

The website is carefully developed, it is very professional, it provides data on the project, on the way the roadmap is planned and more importantly on the tokens and token sale. Additionally, it provides data on the team. I find the name of the brand suitable for what it stands for, it is very innovative and attracts the attention.


In conclusion this project is amazing! It faces real problems and tries to solve them. I think that it is trying to keep in track with the development of the modern world by using blockchain technology, as well as, it is taking care of a future problem that many of us didn’t realize existed. The way the issue with electricity is dealt with is brilliant and deserves attention and appreciation.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

❗️4NEW Whitepaper: https://4new.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/4NEW-WhitePaper.pdf

❗️4NEW Official Website: https://4new.io/

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