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MIDEX - A Traders' Dream

mirofameMar 25, 2018, 12:29:45 PM

☑️What is Midex and Why do we Need it❓

Everyone that is familiar with the cryptocurrency market knows about its many issues. About how it remains isolated because of how complicated, instable and volatile it is. The fact that it remains without legal and technical regulation and that it doesn`t have an entry to the realistic world is mainly so because the majority of people do not understand how it works nor do they understand its economic model fully. Thus it is obvious that we need a solution to this problem and here is where Midex comes in. 

Even if you don`t know all that much about cryptocurrencies you can start using them with Midex because the way things are set all you need to do is follow two steps: Step one is the registration and step two is paying for anything that you want with any currency, everything else is done by the software that uses a bank account to convert instantly to the required currency with the best exchange rate.

✅The Minds Behind the Innovation

Each of the high ranking members of the team, have graduated highly respected schools and universities according to their roles and careers. Thanks to the knowledge gained through the many years of studying they managed to get themselves a head start in their careers. Years later they have gained enough experience and have founded Midex, the gateway for the simple folk to the cryptocurrency world. Thanks to them everyone can now exchange cryptocurrencies for goods without complications and high fees.


There are 75 000 000 MDX tokens which will be issued by a smart contract for the Midex token sale.

☑️Working Exchange

Scrolling down the website you will stumble upon a question that states “What is Midex now?” and under it the answer can literally poke your eyes out. Having written “Working Exchange” in a very large font they grab our attention and point it at the text later that shows us the link to the beta version of the exchange where one can track the values of every currency listed. It is incredible that they have a working beta version of their product which is a statement of how fast they can operate. In the near future it is easy to imagine what they can do, I`m sure many share my opinion and are eager to see where this is all going.

The beta version of the exchange can be found on their site (as mentioned) or by using this link: https://en.midex.com/trade

✅How Does the Website Look❓

The first thing a possible client sees is the website of the ICO, correct? And it is important for it to be well designed and of course: well written code wise. Thankfully the designers of Midex have mastered their skills and have created a website that is easy to navigate through, not too crowded with information.

Plenty of animations and photos make the whole thing so interesting to read that one can easily find that they have lost the last 15 minutes just reading about Midex. Although there are a few problems that I spotted like the theme itself is way too bright and can easily make anyone browsing the site nauseous during the night if they do not turn down the brightness to zero, the other problems I am sure the team can find and deal with over time.

☑️Is the Whitepaper Well Written❓

Fifty seven pages… Fifty seven pages that consist of not so good quality photos of the whitepaper.I am sure that this is because it would be harder for people to copy it and bit because they thought that this is something innovative, either way I say that it was a bad idea because of the quality of the photos. If zoomed in the font begins to get so pixilated that it becomes irritating to the eyes. 

If we overlook this downside it is immediately obvious that some valuable information is scattered all across the document which makes it really hard to go through when you want to know a specific thing about the ICO. When you do find what you are looking for, you are going to see that everything is actually really well written, the language they used is easily understandable. The theme is well chosen and overall the whitepaper, even though it can use some improvements, does its job really well.

⚠️My Thoughts on the Whole Thing

Exchanging cryptocurrencies for goods has always been a problem and thankfully there are people like the Midex team that have had enough of it and have created a platform that can solve this problem. Their project is going to take just 2 years to complete and in that time I am sure that they are going to get the necessary funding to launch Midex to the majority of people. They are pioneers that are paving the way to a whole new way of viewing cryptocurrency and the whole crypto-market as a whole.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

MIDEX Official Website: https://ico.midex.com/#tokensale

MIDEX Whitepaper: https://ico.midex.com/docs/Whitepaper_EN.pdf

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