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MindLink - the Future of Education❓

mirofameMar 18, 2018, 4:58:04 PM

☑️What is MindLink❓

Blockchain technology has been gaining grounds recently and as it turns out, it is becoming the basis for a lot of different fields. But what is more important than education? Mind Link is exactly the project that tries to help education develop by taking it to a whole new level and thus keeping it in track with today’s world.

In short, Mind Link is a company that aims to help education develop by establishing e-learning platform based on blockchain, where any producer and consumer could take part in.


One of the problems concerning education as it is today, is that it is remaining conservative and is not changing according to the fast development of the world around. In most of the cases, those who graduate, end up completely unaware of the way they could implement what they have learned in the real world. Mind Link is open to see education in a different light and bring the necessary changes in order to improve the system. 

As a result of our conservative system, teachers are incapable of developing new ideas and incapable of using creativity in their approach. Concerning the business, students are often unprepared for what is expected of them. Another problem that relates to the already existing e-learning platforms is that they are not transparent, not properly created and very few people actually use them.


Mind Link offers the solution to all these problems. First of all, it creates an application that is based on blockchain, which on its turn provides safeness and guarantees trustful relationships. What is more, this application will be able to maintain videos, record and distribute them. Another advantage is that students will have the opportunity to plan their courses. Payment is developed to be perfectly transparent. Another party involved will also benefit and these are employers, who will have the opportunity to save money from hiring mistakes and also to train experts via the platform.


Every great project needs even greater team. The core team of Mind Link consists of five people. Alexander Westling is the founder and CEO of the project. The rest of the team is represented by CTO, Lead Developer, Head of marketing and Public relations. These are great specialists in their field, working together to bring the project to the market. In addition, there is one advisor – Jeremy Tan, who is there to guide and help them in their work.


Concerning the social media, Mind Link has 692 followers on Twitter, 817 members on Telegram and a number of readers and followers on other sites such as Facebook, Bitcoin, GitHub and Facebook.


Every great project needs partners to support and develop the idea. Mind Link is not an exception. Digital Economy, ICO Alert and Bestcoins are only some of the companies that support the product.


The roadmap covers the period between January 2017 and March 2019. Everything is being carefully planned and organized. It is expected that in the final date of the roadmap the product will enter the market successfully. A number of tests and developments are going to be carried out to ensure the product.


The token sale began on 10th of February and will end on 23rd of March 2018. It is divided into three stages: private sale, pre-sale and main sale. The Hard Cap is estimated to be 10 000 ETH and the Soft Cap – 2 000 ETH. During the private sale, the bonuses were 10%, while during the pre-sale they were 5%. At the moment the main sale is running will be no bonuses. The price is 1ETH=1 000 ML. Up to now 2223 ETH have been raised.

☑️Whitepaper review

The whitepaper is carefully developed and follows all the key points when it comes to Mind Link. It is easy to understand and grasp the main idea of the project. There are a number of important things mentioned, but probably the section that outlines the problems and provides the solutions is the most crucial one, since it supplies the reader with the information concerning the efficiency of the project and why to choose it instead of something else. Another major section is devoted to the ICO, and it provides data concerning the distribution of tokens which is important when dealing with blockchain.

✅Website review

The website of the project is very nice. It is simple and easy to work with. One may find the most important things concerning Mind Link including live countdown to the end of the main sale of tokens.

Basic google search doesn’t provide so much information as compared to the whitepaper and the website, however, a few pages appear praising the project. I haven’t come across any negative comments.

☑️Stage of development

The project is not fully complete, up to now a lot has been done. Currently, ICO is launched and there is token sale running as well as a process of expansion of the team. However, there is more that needs to be done in the near future and the roadmap outlines the way it is going to happen.


I personally love the idea behind the project. Education is something really important, however it has remained outdated for far too long. The world is changing and similar to every other field, education needs to change and develop as well in order to fulfill the needs of people. Mind Link for me turn out to be a new beginning for e-learning and a carrier of brighter future for education.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure: None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

MindLink Official WebSite : http://mindlink.co/

MindLink Whitepaper : http://mindlink.co/whitepaper

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