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RoonyBlackMar 10, 2018, 10:43:16 PM

We Need an Aagle eye

The landscape of the crypto-world is so diversity. We can meet online platforms for every daily habit, because the target of these platforms is the audience which invests.

The biggest topic is environment and how all of them are presented like counterproductive separate projects.

Every project is bound with its own crypto-currency and we cannot find the connections between them. The boring job is when we have to transfer them to use the services of the platforms we need.

We don’t see company with completed legal documents often.

Metrocoin. No, it’s not for something connected with subway, or usages of subway. We don’t need to transfer our money to the other currencies. The CEOs used that name figuratively. They actually used the subway’s best functions – speed, spread, interconnection, overall map. It's a little obscure, but better, because we have to check the functions, not only the names.

Metrocoin fights for something like the spine of the crypto-world such as plays the role of the connecting element. Try to help every platform which needs to go on the truth place – for audience, or for the documentary stuff.

Actually the first business which they did is FXPIG - it was the first FX Broker to push transparency, the first to really focus on their client’s profitability, to align their goals with their client’s goals, and FXPIG, unlike most, invested in technology that actually works.


Team’s motto is: “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” (Jeff Bezos). Kevin Murcko is Estonian man who is the CEO of Metrocoin. The CCO – Alessandro Rocco is the multi-jurisdictional man.

Salvatore Cunsolo (French man) has the task to solve the complex problems as a CTO.

The advisors also have a motto: “Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.”

Two of them are Reuben Godfrey and Danny de Gier.

The other names which have to be mentioned are Jarno Limnell, James Waugh and etc.

Strategic partners

Strategic partners include FXPIG, BITGO, AmaZix, BrightBee UK, Takeprofit Technology, BITCOIN GROUP HK and Team2Soft. All of them are selected, because of leveraging existing ties to develop a progressive vision for the future of the digital asset economy.

Whitepaper review

The Whitepaper of Metrocoin is very strictly arranged. The information is served very serious in every detail. Where the ice can be broken they did it perfectly with some kind of interesting pictures. It consists of 34 pages and we can find everything what we need there.

Value of COIN

We cannot know the value of the COINs after the sale. Any COIN price will depend on a number of factors. We shouldn’t buy the COINs for speculative purposes.

Token sale

Total Supply of COIN is 500 000 000 COIN. The pre-Token Sale hardcap was set to 50 million COIN. The COIN which was not sold during the pre-Token Sale are carried over to the Token Sale. In February 21, 2018 at 21:00 starts the Token sale. In the Whitepaper, 24th page we can see the pricing COIN during the Token sale.

Something important that we should noteworthy is the Crypto-currency wallet. It allows:

“CoinMetro’s crypto-currency wallet system will allow clients to hold, deposit and withdraw in the five largest digital currencies by market capitalization (~80%): Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC). They plan to incorporate support for additional wallet platforms, adding more and more assets over time.


It has 17 basic moments which may be changed juncture.

What I like in this project? I like the idea for the overall picture.

I really think that crypto-world needs someone to connect all of the ideas and in my opinion it will be successful, mostly because everything in the Whitepaper is written very strictly, clearly and understanding. It has serious vision, but platform’s vision is very attractive and the reason for that is the landscape which Metrocoin do it.

Firstly of all, consist of everything that is in the real life – Earth, water, mountains, clouds and even birds. It is nature.

Secondly all of the things, built from the people – green energy, big buildings, roads, boats, planes and bridges.

The bridge for the subway is the bridge between crypto and fiat currency, also it is the bridge between the crypto-platforms, bridge between the audience and investors, audience and the other platforms.

Great design idea. Just the picture promises that the economy will work, thanks to the COIN and it will be very fast, because of the subway. The spread is on a global level and that’s makes the development possible. We need like this type of platform, because of the interconnection. We cannot miss the feedbacks. Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice.

Link to the ICO website: https://coinmetro.com/

Link to the Whitepaper: https://coinmetro.com/wp-content/uploads/coinmetro-wp-newspaper.pdf

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