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Battle Specter Minds: Declaration of Intent.

BattleSpecterMar 9, 2018, 5:36:51 PM

I'll keep this brief, but I feel I must make this declaration. Earlier this year I posted here on Minds that I was going to work toward the production of an mobile application that would facilitate communication between first responders and teachers in the event of an attack on our schools. When I made that post, the idea was still just a distant idea, and part of me was hoping that others might come forward to make it a reality.

Then I got to thinking, told my wife of the idea (she really likes it), talked to some friends (they liked it) and came to the realization that I needed to spearhead this. Until now, my small LLC hasn't had a focus. There has been no true mission for my business outside of making some extra cash (which it doesn't do a good job at). But I'm a creative ideas person, and a thinker by trade. Battle Specter LLC is me in legal business form. I serve my community as a volunteer EMT. I served my nation as a United States Marine in the Infantry Battalions. What it means to respond, both in the EMT field and as a door kicker, are things I understand. I understand command and control.

That's what this app is. A C&C asset for first responders. A means to slowing the badguy down, and putting the good guys where they need to be. Empowering the staff of a school so they can have a positive effect when things get dark. To me, and the few I have discussed this application to, this is a means to help solve the problem of soft target schools. This is a potential solution to a problem that could actually work.

And I believe enough in it that I penned a letter to the President of this country requesting assistance with it. I can't do this alone.  It will take skills beyond what I have. It will take trial and error in testing to iron out the kinks, and training once it's ready so that teachers and police and EMT are one team in any fight they may find themselves in. All this will take money I don't have, but desperately need. I am going to set up a Go Fund Me to help fund this endeavor. All funds raised by the Go Fund Me will be used explicitly for the creation, testing, and implementation of the app in question. The majority of my funds gathered from my Patreon account will also go towards funding this app, and bringing it to schools and the first responders that serve them.

This matters to me enough that I feel driven to see it through. I have not felt this level of drive since I was serving my country as a Marine in harms way. I know there will be hurdles, and I know that it won't be easy. I realize that there will be sacrifice to get this app ready and bring it to those who may end up needing it. But I see the value, I see the potential lives saved. To me, that's all that matters.

In the coming weeks I will be working on the essential planning for the creation of this application, as well as ironing out funding. I will be talking to those who can help, and working on extending my voice to gather as much support for this as I can. I believe in this idea, and I am willing to see it through to the end. As such, Battle Specter LLC stands ready to act and bring this app to the market, and give as many school districts as possible the means to act when the worst happens. There WILL be an app for that.