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Cogs in The Machine - Willing Slaves

Luminous▼SovereignMar 9, 2018, 3:17:53 PM

To survive, we need to engage in economic survivability of some kind. Nothing is free, we have to provide for ourselves. But does that mean we need to have coercive systems in place that force us to engage in economic exchanges? Can’t we choose to be free from this, to live without this system, for example off the grid?

We are also prevented from being freer if we choose, as all land is owned and we must be indentured through coercive tax schemes that mean we can’t live free off the land as any other animal in existence can. We must pay tribute to our masters and rulers, the “archons” (the opposite of an-archonic anarchy)

Shaped into a Specific Form (like a Golem)

Our constructibility (our ability to construct, create, manifest and generate into reality) is directed towards the available market of employment to provide us with monetary compensation for work done. True, some people create new avenues and find investors or borrow money to make it happen. But, the system is still trying to extract something from them as well, like taxes. We have degrees of freedom, but not full freedom within Moral Law.

We could be putting our time, attention and energy into truly furthering humanity and our own lives, but we are being directed, or channeled as a current, into specific directed avenues (roads, paths) towards an end people do not see. We are conditioned through outcomes based education to go along certain predetermined pathways for what we do that further the social systemic model in place.

We are being fashioned, like the clay Golem, into a certain shape or form that the masters and rulers want us to become and reflect this shape and behavior onto what society is. We are made into their vision of the “New Man”, less authentic, less aware, therefore more “unconscious” in living, like a robotic Golem living out their will as our own will. Most of us don’t think anarchy-freedom is possible because we tacitly accept this programmed Golem-like shaping of our lives and consciousness, of our worldview and self-view.

The masters and rulers, through their manipulation, deception and mind control, have conditioned us into a certain mold, shape and form, to fit into and feed the systemic Golem of the current way of life. We are being constructed as individual Golems to reflect and continue to construct the larger general Golem of the system and establishment. We become cogs in the machine.

Controlled and Wasted Potential

Many jobs are useless and only provide a market for imbalanced reciprocal exchange of currency in order to allow for each person involved in an aspect of the social system to continue to survive within the system. I say imbalanced, both because of wage disparity in the corporatocracy, and because of our conditioned valuation of goods and services, through advertising, that uses our attention to channel us into buying certain things.

No one can own anything outside of the system. You might think this is false, but it isn’t. Even if you’re property isn’t owned by the banks from your debt, if you don’t pay various taxes your property will be taken from you. You never actually “own” anything in the system, it’s only contingent upon your continued compliance with various extortion and coercion rackets.

No one can use land to live independently, because you have to “pay tribute” to the system for the “right” to use that land. Therefore, you can’t grow your own food freely, you can’t live in your own home freely, and you ultimately can’t survive if you do not integrate into the system. Because then you won’t have any money to pay for the things that are required to live as a serf, not truly owning anything for your survival.

No one can survive outside of the system because of the coercive requirement to continually pay for the “right” to own something. Everyone needs to be involved in obtaining money of some kind in order to pay the fees to live life. They harness our human potential as universal constructors and channel our energy into their pockets.

The system does allow for a proxy of “freedom”, the freedom of exploitation, plunder, production and consumption to perpetuate the system of control. Those who learn how to work the system and its control, fulfill their desires, and get the control and comfort that this system of dependency provides. Feeding the golem of the system gets you on the top, above others, and more in “control” of the fulfillment of your wishes, wants and desires. It is very appealing for many degraded consciousnesses that get indoctrinated into perpetuating this system. They want to feed and defend the Golem of the system.

Universal Constructors to Fill Any Position

We are universal constructors. Within the system, one constructor unit (one person) is capable of being placed into a particular position as a cog in the machine or hamster wheel of control and repetition. The units perform their duties to ensure the operation of the Golem system. The units become constructors of a particular type, but any of them is universally capable of filling a position as a cog in some area.

Humans are an effective work machines. We are universal constructors for the systemic way of life to perpetuate. We still have a good degree of freedom to change things, but this is part of what keeps up the illusion of real freedom. For example: if our condition was less optimal, and we had even more oppression like other people face and have faced in the past of humanity. Then we would more easily see the reality of control over our lives, compared to the less obvious current condition.

“The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free.”
– Aldous Huxley

Influence, indoctrinate, engender and condition a degradation in people’s ability to discern truth and reality, and in most cases what results is a willing slave, happy in their servitude, living an illusion, unable to see the true condition they are living in.

The schools are outcome-based “education” centers for us to fill in positions within the system. Most people find jobs and careers within the predetermined choices that are defined by the available market of employment. We put the chains on ourselves, all too willingly, by merging ourselves into dependency upon the system. Especially when we get school loans, house loans, or other loans that put us into debt.

The Way Out

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”
– ‘Bringers of the Dawn’

There is still hope: to recognize our potential to see reality for what it is, and work to improve it. We have a high degree of freedom, but we are being limited in our potential by the limitation in our vision to see reality correctly. If we want to change something, we first have to see and recognize it for what it is.

We can imagine a positive better way to live, a new way to exist, that differs from what we are conditioned to currently accept are the limits of our potential. We have a lot of potential. The powers that be can still be overturned by us creating new models to live by. The more people that live and lead a new way, the more the old way fades in influence, power and control over other people.

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