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Unique Global Opportunities for Golf Course & Advertiser

adsintheholeMar 9, 2018, 7:41:40 AM

Unique Opportunity for Golf Courses and Advertisers with Adsinthehole -Aitheurope


In 21 countries around the world, more than 5000 Ads In The Hole Golf Partner courses generate a substantial extra revenue stream - without extra work.

Earning revenue for your club without upsetting members.

This is consistent income that goes straight to the bottom line with only a commitment to place and maintain supplied ad-discs at the bottom of each hole on the course.


Ads In The Hole supplies all the ad-discs, each with an advertising message printed on self-healing resin attached to the disc.

We even supply the hole cups - saving the course that expense - and a tool for easy placement and extraction of discs and cups.

This means course maintenance personnel simply use Adsinthehole /AITH cups with ad-discs instead of their regular cups - no extra work needed.


Adsinthehole -AITH sales professionals secure Agreements with local,regional, national,Global Advertisers who wish to place their promotional Ads In The Hole messages on selected courses - for a minimum 25 days per month.We welcome golf club owners or GMs suggesting local,regional Advertisers to contact who will value the opportunity to reach the club’s golfers with their message.

However, the responsibility for securing Advertising agreements is entirely with Adsinthehole-AITH Europe.

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Unique Opportunities


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