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Artificial Intelligence, should we start questioning it

Daniel22Mar 8, 2018, 6:34:53 PM

Will the A.I be the end of the mankind? Will the fusion of humans and technology, and developing a consensus A.I change humans to the degree at which point we couldn't be called humans anymore. Maybe it won't be like that but it definitely seems like we are going in that direction. We should definitely start having conversations about this. This that will change the face of the humanity, and should we continue to go in that direction. Is there another way.

What is happening already? We are losing our jobs to A.I, to a great degree, Where in China a factory replaced 90 percent of humans with robots. And there is a lot of examples of that there. In South Korea, you can find robots as prison guards. Increasingly is happening everywhere. Where even Oxford study says in the next 20 years 50 percent of jobs will disappear. In the USA even we have A.I helping judges make decisions. Should we give our control to A.I.? There is also happening fusion technology with humans. Google executive says that by 2030 we are going to connect our brain to the cloud. Where the cloud would do some of our thinking, and I think with time we are going to do less and less thinking. Isn't it what I once heard use it or lose it. And we have Elon Musk developing the same thing, called neuralink. As we need to connect to A.I to keep up with A.I he says, and end up at the same place I think. Mark Zuckerberg, and many others developing advanced A.I. Shouldn't we be concerned, about where we are going? I don't think we could call it advancement if that advancement could possibly get rid of humans as we know it.

My point is here that we should start having conversations, discussions about where this may lead us. I don't know if it's going to be bad, but I do have an opinion. I would like to hear yours. This change we may face is not far away. Hopefully, we will start having discussions about this, not, as it seems, be all for it. I don't think technology is bad, but should we continue towards advanced A.I, who could replace us or is there another way we can take technology to.