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Patience, Parents.

esoronellasMar 6, 2018, 8:19:04 AM

No matter what type or mixture of philosophical parenting we want to apply to our family, what will serve us all for sure is to apply lots of Patience.

Patience to be ready to understand that learning takes time, that learning is a process and that, generally, children won’t follow our indications or advice instantly—or ever. But it is a good sign, it means you are dealing with a person and not a robot—although machines can be quite good at it too; that’s another subject, though. Sometimes children will apply your advice pretty soon—these things happen too, I assure you—, but more often than not, we will have to repeat the same things over and over again. In that case, I would suggest making sure that you are asking something their developing brain is ready to assimilate or, at least, that you really want what you are asking for the way you are asking it. If not, you could wait until their brain is ready or, if ready, find alternatives to reach similar results. In case you lack ideas, you can always read books—full of options—, or directly ask your kids for their suggestions. It is never too late or too soon to get them involved in their own growth and education—in my opinion.

And Patience—huge amounts of it—to stay balanced with everyone else in the World who wants to interfere with your parenting decisions. Be prepared, sweet soul, because once you become a parent—if you are part of a larger society than your own home—everyone else in the whole World will feel the urge to judge you as a parent and to tell you how you should raise your kids. It can be very, very, very, very—very—annoying and you will probably fall into that trap too and start judging others. But, be patient, my sweet child. Be patient with others and with yourself too. It is all part of the journey. Bruce Lee was right on this: “Be water, my friend”. Become water. Then, breathe—count to ten if necessary—, thank them for their altruism and slowly flow away—like water—into greener pastures, where you can feel safe and at ease. Many parents decide to be part of a tribe where they can be themselves and learn at their own rhythm in Peace. Find your tribe, if it appeals to you.

Nevertheless, no matter what happens, always remember to forgive yourself, your kids, your family and the World. We are all learning to be better humans. It is a process and it takes time. I wish my writing can help you somehow—feel free to share it with parents that might appreciate a little pause of mind—and thank you all for being here. Love to all!