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SAVEDROID – ‘Cryptocurrencies for Everyone!’

mirofameMar 5, 2018, 5:00:41 PM

☑️The Idea

Max Tegmark states: ‘Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.’ 

▶️This Video is Beneficial for Sure:🎬

Humanity tries to find AI solutions in every sphere of life: from self-driving cars to mobile phone assistants. Artificial intelligence is usually associated with some humanoids that resembles human beings, but actually it is a highly developed software that performs the same tasks a person ca do, but in a more accurate and faster manner.

✅The Solution

savedroid developed a unique artificial intelligence technology for crypto investing plans in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Dash, Ripple, etc. intended for the masses. 

The platform facilitates the complicated processes by creating a smart User Experience (UX), which automatically converts savings to virtual currencies, stores them and makes them spendable and tradeable. It happens in a secure, transparent, regulatory compliant and user-friendly environment.


The company is founded by three young people with creative ideas – Dr. Yassin Hankir, Marco Trautmann and Tobias Zander.

Yassin is CEO of savedroid. He graduated from Goethe-University Frankfurt in the Master’s Degree of Economics and in the Ph.D. Degree of Finance. He has immense experience in the business world. He worked in the Frankfurt office for 2 years and another 2 years in the Singapore office of McKinsey. He also worked for several years as a consultant with focus on private banking and retail. Along with his entrepreneurship endeavor in savedroid, he is a co-host of the Frankfurt FinTech Meeting and a co-founder of vaamo.

The core team behind savedroid consists of 24 experts in different fields. Their knowledge and skills in diverse fields of expertise guaranteed the success of the company. The management organization of the company allows the S-Team to be supported by a supervisory and an advisory team.

The advisory team is a body of 16 people that provides non-binding strategic advice to the board of the foundation. This newly invented flexible structure does not have authority to vote or bear legal responsibilities, but it contributes with assistance with anything from managing human resources to social marketing to influencing the direction of regulators.

The supervisory board is usually chosen by the stockholders to promote their interests through the governance of the firm. They meet regularly to approve the taken decisions by the board of directors.


Savedroid is very recognizable company on the social media. It has active profiles on many different channels and it succeeded in creating distinguishable brand and presence. As the company states: the power is given to the people, because this is the only way to success.

• Facebook – 14 625 followers;

• Twitter – 7 170 followers;

• Instagram – 1 421 followers;

• Telegram – 49 029 members;

• Medium – 1 965 followers;

• YouTube – more than 740 765 total views.


The company has established partnerships with many firms like amazon.de, Bird and Bird, Crypto Voucher, d-fine next, friendsurance, IDnow, Drilisch, Prochech24 and others.


The roadmap of savedroid is as detailed as every other aspect of the company. The business plan of development started in 2015 with the foundation of the company and continues till 2020 when the launch of AI-based ICO investments, providing high-yield return opportunities is scheduled.

☑️Savedroid Pre-ICO / ICO

As you know token sale is very important to every ICO as it is responsible for the fund raising. The cryptocurrency used by savedroid is SVD and it can be bought with Etherium and Bitcoin or with USD and EUR via credit card or bank transfer. On the following table you can find information about the dates of the campaigns:

✅Website Review

The official website welcomes its users with a countdown till the end of the main sale. With bigger letters is written the moto of the company: ‘Cryptocurrencies for Everyone’ as well as that this ICO is German. In my opinion it is good people to be informed of the origin of the ICO as different countries have different understandings and approaches to same issues.

On the official website there is a lot of information regarding the ICO, roadmap, partners, team, awards and many others. And all of this information is confirmed by hyperlinks, videos and pictures so the user can easily check its credibility.

☑️Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper of savedroid ICO is large 64-page-document. It has an active content panel in order to facilitate its usage from people. The first chapter is about the vision of the company, which is extremely important as it gives information where the company wants to be and what it aims to achieve in near future. 

The information provided in the whitepaper is very detailed regarding all the components of the savedroid. As a plus I would say that it is very well structured and presented. A lot of visual elements are used like images, graphs and diagrams to explain the written information more effectively.

In the document there are a lot of hyperlinks as well as embedded videos. Such features are important especially in the digital world as they serve as proofs of its activity and serious attitude.


Savedroid managed to build up an award-winning artificial intelligence savings platform within only 2 years. It is accessible for free on iOS and Android in Germany. The aim of the company is to assist people with putting money aside in a savings account using AI based rules. 

Savedroid offers an opportunity for common people to save and successfully invest their money. With the help of smart UX, by using self-learning algorithms, the platform is fully automated to manage the savings and to generate return.

⚠️You Can Find More Information Here:

savedroid Official Website: https://ico.savedroid.com/

savedroid Whitepaper: https://ico.savedroid.com/savedroid-ico-whitepaper.pdf

⚠️Username at Bitcointalk: mirofame

⚠️Profile at Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1653137