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CoinMetro - Revolutionary new Approach to Blockchain Industry?

mirofameMar 5, 2018, 3:02:22 PM

✅What is CoinMetro?

Blockchain industry has been gaining grounds and one of the things it has influenced is the business. There are a number of problems concerning the not existing connection between the old and the new method of dealing with assets. CoinMetro is aiming to provide a bridge towards the digital economy and to make it easier and safer for users.

CoinMetro solves a number of problems when it comes to the blockchain, one of which is the fact that on this platform, people would be able to buy coins with fiat, exchange them for other coins and then even get the fiat in one and the same place, instead of using different platforms. This innovation guarantees easiness, transparency and security of personal data.


Another problem concerns the ICO environment and the fact that there are plenty of not fully developed projects that aim to change the existing industries, while at the same time consisting of unexperienced teams. Taking a completely different path, CoinMetro’s desire is not to change, but to support and help to develop the existing industries and moreover integrate the ICO environment.

CoinMetro is a project fully aware of the drawbacks the users may face and that is why it is striving to offer them the opportunity to exchange and to trade in a single place, what is more, it is establishing relations with banks for the comfort of people. Something interesting is the fact that there are plans for CoinMetro’s debit card that could be used as a quick way to access your assets at certain places.

The project makes it possible to purchase and sell crypto currency, to have your money at disposal, high trade leverage, it allows to opportunity to create tokens and find buyers.

✅Meet the Team

The core team consists of fourteen people, who are established professionals in the financial and similar spheres, thus their knowledge would be used to create the connection between existing industries and the blochchain. 

The core team contains different kind of professionals, namely – CEO, CTO, CCO, lead developer, senior blockchain developer, senior WebApp developer, senior UI UX designer, two senior front end developers, marketing team leader, senior social media specialist, senior digital growth specialist, CFO and senior customer eXperience Al. In addition, there are eight advisors that help to make the project worthy.


CoinMetro has established a number of partnerships that support the dream of the company. EXPIG is one of the most crucial partners. The company is proven to be effective and profitable in market dealings and it has experience for more than six years. This is going to be extremely useful for the development of CoinMetro that will rely on EXPIG’s proficiency.


The number of coins is estimated to be 500 000 000. There was a Pre-Token sale on December 21st 2017 with 0.03 EUR initial price for a coin that increased depending on the sold ones. 

The Hard cap during the Pre-Token sale was – 50 million coins and the coins that were left were preserved for the token sale. The lowest soft cap was 12 500 000 COIN. The 

Token sale began on February 21th 2018 and the price at the beginning is the same as the price the pre-token sale ended with. The Hard cap is estimated to be 300 million coins while the soft is the same as the pre-token sale.

✅Basic Google Search

A basic google search opens a number of pages praising and informing on CoinMetro. I haven’t come across any negative comments. The latest news pay tribute to it by showing how many of the problems users face when dealing with blockchain are solved by this project. What is more, the name of ECPIG as partner appears in some of the pages as an acknowledged and trustworthy company and thus providing grounds for belief in CoinMetro.

☑️Whitepaper and Website Review

The whitepaper outlines the major facts about the project in detail, thus answering all possible questions that a user may come up with. One of the main sections gives overview of what CoinMetro stands for and what it aims to achieve by providing clear visions about how this is going to happen. Another main section is devoted to the token sale and provides details about the pre-token sale as well as dates and everything concerning the tokens and the clients.

The website is very interestingly developed, catching the eye, with a number of videos and pictures. It not only contains useful information but attracts attention as well by being professionally and thoroughly developed. Concerning the stage of development, at present, the pre-token sale has already ended and the token sale is running now.


I am personally fascinated with this platform especially because of the fact that the team is not trying to change, but to develop the industry, since most of the projects I am familiar with, tend to be focused on the opposite. I find it amazing that the team aims for transparency and is cooperating with a company that has proven itself for better results. The roadmap covers the period from October 2017 to early 2019 and has plans to continue even further.

⚠️Disclaimer & Disclosure

None of what I provide in my articles is investment advice. Please do your own due diligence. A link to the article will be sent to the ICO team and they may issue a reward for it.

⚠️More Information:

CoinMetro Official Website: https://coinmetro.com/

CoinMetro Whitepaper: https://coinmetro.com/wp-content/uploads/coinmetro-wp-newspaper.pdf

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