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Sovereignty And Responsibility.

Luminous▼SovereignMar 2, 2018, 4:26:13 PM

To practice Sovereignty, one has to be active in:

  • Practicing the Law of Non-Contradiction,
  • Studying occult knowledge and corresponding it to the Self and the world around oneself,
  • Questioning authority figures,
  • Treating others how you want to be treated,
  • Causing no harm to sentient beings,
  • and Actively Utilizing gained insights to manifest more freedom in the world around you.

we have a serious problem where people do not understand, nor do they respect the sanctity of the property rights of others.

The masses are under a great delusion of entitlement.
And the elitists are "drunk" on their "illusion" of authority to promote/ prolong and feed that entitlement.

Clearly creating a mass division/ crack right in the center of a society desperate to survive.
Belief in entitlement becomes a vacuum that drains energy away from charity/ compassion and love because entitlement is based on the scarcity of mind, 
resources, and the capacity to "do".
The reasoning is that by being born in this Country, one is "automatically" registered as property of the State, at which the currency of the nation is backed by the future value you contribute to society through the taxation of your labor.

Being property of the State, in this context, you have no inalienable, inherent Rights... you have privilege.

Sovereigns recognize that taxation is theft as it is robbed from people by threat of violence, coercion, & intimidation.  
We come to understand that it is paying for the dissemination of ignorance, apathy, and the mind control of insecurity, abdication, and weakness. These very forms of mind control is exactly what Sovereigns are actively working to destroy.

It is a known moral virtue not to steal from others, yet it is justifiable because Government gave themselves the Right to subvert the law of Laws. Government claims this supposed "Right" by the "consent" of the people, another questionable basis founded on moral relativism.

Theft is never "justifiable" and is a complete contradiction for government to steal from billions using tactics of fear: Fines, violence or imprisonment. This contradictory behavior is but one of the many evil fruits we consume that infect our reasoning with viruses that dampen our evolution.

Cognitive dissonance, Mental schisms and emotional mind control are the enemy of Sovereign Men and Women everywhere!

Sovereigns have a major burden on their backs.
Being Sovereign involves “work”, however it is the “great work” as described by the medieval alchemists and “the great commission” as laid out by Christ.

With knowledge comes responsibility to understand 
and with understanding comes responsibility to act 
in accord with that knowledge.

It becomes the sovereign’s responsibility to remove the contradictions within himself, thereby removing contradictions from his environment as a result.  When a sovereign undertakes this work, society bites back and will not stop at dragging a Sovereign through the mud.

They must filthy up the cleanliness of a Sovereign to drag them back down to the societal “norm” level. 
This cannot be done, however, because once a person has undertaken the study of uncovering the truth of how things actually have been and are operating today, it is a complete abandonment of all the growth a sovereign has endured.
Sovereigns will not “tolerate” evil just to get along, will not go along to get along, and will not abandon a real diamond fora cheap imitation.

Any collaboration with evil is, to a sovereign, the support of giving credence to the foundation upon which evil rests.
Evil is not going to be banished following that line of reasoning.
This is why sovereigns stand their ground and why they are the hot topic inside police stations.

Once a sovereign has destroyed their beliefs in illusory concepts and completely shed themselves of the poisonous conformity which tied them down, the only place to go from that point is up.

Aligning oneself with 
correct knowledge/ 
true principles/ truth seeking acts as food for the spirit which nourishes it 
to grow larger.
When this happens it is akin to a lion that has gotten too big for its cage, you must mature, grow, and move forward.
 The system/ status quo is no longer a suitable habitation and dwelling for the Self and separation from it is not only desirable and necessary but also imminent and consequential.

Sovereignty is all about expanding freedom.
Freedom is the expansion of consciousness.
Consciousness will, when people destroy the restrictions/limitations/ errors they invest their “belief” into, expand to ever greater heights of realization/ actualization.  Currently, however, there exists no place on Earth for the free exercise of sovereignty to be expressed where it will not be confronted by dominators/ controllers/ elitists/ statists/ archons who believe in authority outside the Self being legitimate.

Very powerful, financially set people have a “vested interest” in keeping consciousness in a prison/a box/ caged up because they profit from that paradigm; A paradigm of overtly polarized fear. The only concern of those in control today is handing over to their children tomorrow a more efficiently milkable society that goes along with little to no resistance. The Party line being; "Resistance is Futile; Accept, Trust, Follow Orders".

Right now, our consciousness, on a level concerning the group aggregate (collective consciousness) is locked in a very low vibrational frequency. Collectively, humanity is buying into the deception that authority is actually legitimate through the fear of violence, coercion, and threat.
Since birth, humanity have been spoon-fed the deception that “some men” are greater than and more suitable to rule the collective, according to natural selection and good breeding.
Ultimately, this boils down to the idea that man thinks he is God; the “Pontifex Maximus” God-King.

Man erroneously thinks himself not bound by nature and capable of behaving contradictory to nature’s laws and not pay a penalty, paying no mind to the Law of cause and effect.
Those, who call themselves elite, are locked down in this low vibrational consciousness themselves as a result of this law. Reaping what you sow and it continues in a cyclic nature until the Force of Will intervenes to stop it; which is where sovereignty is playing the greatest role right now.
In short, the elitists are high on their own stash and are propagating the sale of this drug to support their own habits.

In nature, there exists zero contradictions.
We live in a non-contradictory Universe.
It is non-contradictory, that is, until we begin to analyze the mind of man.
Using the principles of sound logic, we begin to understand that the very “chaos” that man himself fears, is where all the chaos literally begins.
Chaos exists nowhere outside of the little bubble mankind has created for himself.
In this bubble, man invents ideas and uses persuasive speech to sell it to the other people.
The proper term and definition to describe this is called sorcery.
Sorcery is the manipulation of others to get what you desire to fulfill the superficial wants of your ego and subside the fears of your insecurities.

So, within this bubble, the concept of authority is considered “sound”/ “legitimate” yet it is not sound in nature. Only, giving the appearance of sound.

A Sophist can persuade a deception so cleverly to cause the people to buy their rhetoric, sound or not, because they are performers.

The quality of the information is not of the utmost importance, only the “prestige” that follows the delivery of their information.
Sophisticated and sophomore derive from the root Sophism... get the hint?
The sophists were rhetoricians/ wordsmiths who prized perfect speech delivery/articulation over truth.
They cast “spells” of delusion over their unsuspecting audience.
The advertising industry today uses this same exact science of Sophism to “sell” you on “ideas” you do not need nor would you want in your "sanity"...

“Ideas” that are antithesis to the progression of life, freedom, prosperity, justice, and righteousness, etc…
If they could persuade someone to buy their premise, whether the information was pure or poison did not matter, the only thing that mattered was the articulation of rhetoric as a method.

  • Sophism – A clever & plausible fallacious argument; fallacy or sophistry. Professional philosophers who were expert in and taught the skills of rhetoric, argument, and debate.      (adj.) of or characteristic of sophists or sophistry; clever & plausible, but unsound and tending to mislead.
  • Fallacy - Synonymous with sophistry.
  • Prestige - Illusion/ trick/ conjuring; The Transference of meaning occurred by way of the sense "dazzling influence, glamour" at first depreciatory.

If the masses were actually educated about the methods of etymology, logic, and rhetoric in a constructive way, the masses would see right through all the misdirection, poisonous information, unsound arguments being proposed and it would propel them to being a questioning people. But currently that’s not the way it is. Currently, mankind has been gradually, over a long distance of time, conditioned to become passive, accepting, tolerant, and critical only toward their long held beliefs. Being that the people are encapsulated within this bubble of limitation, it becomes apparent from the outside that the war against mind control can only be fought on an individual level. Individually, we must inquire within, come to terms that we have been deceived, move to correct that error, and stop behaving in opposition to what is good and true. We should all know what is good and true.

Anything that facilitates the ushering in of more freedom, prosperity, and peace without restricting freedom, prosperity, and peace.
Because evil comes to us packaged in bright & beautiful wrappings, we must cultivate awareness, discernment, & the faculties of reason to be able to see from all perspectives rather than the limited view we currently cling to.

Society, as a whole, has been deliberately dumbed down by those who wish to mold mankind into a more easily "standardized" mass group who will go along to get along and never question why it is the way it is.
For those who peer deep into the truth of actual historically documented events and see clearly the "occultation" of knowledge being used a THE power differential... it is our responsibility to act on that knowledge. Chinese philosopher Yung Ming said, "To know and not to do is actually equivalent to "not knowing after-all".

Government attempts to intimidate us to just accept the contradiction because it is our duty, and they are succeeding at it. Why should they stop? They have a 100% accuracy rating in moving forward with their agenda of control. You name it, we "need" the Government: safety from terror, protection from psychopaths, liability against invasion... the very acts the Government itself imposes. If your playbook guaranteed you a win 100% of the time, why would you change it? "What's in it for you to change it?" the Sorcerer asks himself this question and reasons that if you're that stupid to fall for his tricks then you deserve to be fooled. And he is correct IF we shrug it off and go along to get along.
We have no duty to defend deceptions like this. We do, however, have a duty to unveil the truth and stake our rightful and true place in the world. And that is what Sovereigns are doing.

A long, long time ago, mankind planted an evil seed called authority and a hierarchical tree structure grew from it. And atop that tree, the most ruthless, psychopathic warrior, lacking emotional care ruled from above as a God-king. The people were coerced into accepting the growth of this seed and it began to grow and look really evil. Since people could see the evil leaves, a spokesmen came out and declared, "We can fix the evil tree and thereby make it a good tree". Mankind was actually persuaded to believe this deluded logic.

And because the people are beginning to see the budding of this evil fruit, the police state is emerging to drive you into fear and coerce you to take off your sunglasses.

AND the politicians are saying that, "Though the fruits are appearing to be evil, if we just paint the bark a pretty color and maybe pinch the buds to prevent them from blooming... then the tree will be good and fruitful for mankind to live in peace". BS!

The sovereign is saying that to live in harmony and peace is to plant seeds of peace and harmony. Evil seeds in the midst of righteous seeds will choke out the good ones. The evil seeds will flourish like weeds and overtake it by force, starving out the nutrition to the good.
This evil tree, it must be cut down and replaced with a good seed. That 'good seed' is adherence to natural law.
The history that is taught about the framing of this country is a big fat lie, and the media industry is in on it.
This country was manipulated into socialism very early on, within about 2 years of our revolution.

Self-governance, autonomy, personal growth has increasingly been steered away from and manipulated against. It was happening then, when the people were not as directly mind-controlled as they are today. Back then the people had more integrity, were closer to nature, had a more spiritual enlightenment and were courageous and active. That, in and of itself, should give you a reference point of just how much strength we have to develop among ourselves to defend against tyranny in our age.

This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight,something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

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