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Leaving The Goolag

Hell on WheelsMar 2, 2018, 6:38:03 AM

I’m so excited to see a future where I don’t have to rely on Google Services anymore. I’m working on new videos and things and I look forward to not having to rely entirely on Gulag (my name for Google) to post them, as my channel was immediately blacklisted. (Which is one of the reasons I’ve almost completely abandoned it.) I use duckduckgo or Startpage to search the web, and I rely on my Gmails as little more than spamcatchers and a way to access YouTube for the few things I still need it for. Unfortunately, my Galaxy S7 is still highly dependent on Google, which is something I hope to remedy soon. I’ve already changed all the customizable settings around, and it helps a bit. This is an exciting moment for me, because I’m a geek whose privacy is his main concern. I’m also very concerned about the amount of control these fucks have over the flow of information, and frankly, the Internet in general.

I used to think that Google was “too big to fail” but now I’m not as sure about that. I think we’re at a turning point in our struggle against corporations and our governments for the Internet. There has never been a better time to degooglefy your life!

Alt. Search Engines



Alt. Video Sharing



Now for the email clients. If you’re concerned about privacy, I would check these 2 out:

Protonmail (Protonmail gives out one free email.)

lolcow.email (no, I did not make this one up.)

Note: I only went with the most privacy and freedom-driven, to the best of my knowledge. There are other places to go, if you aren’t too concerned with that. Let me know if I’ve missed any!

Hopefully, now will be the time to help start Google’s slow decent into Obscurity! I predict that it will be a slow one, but I think the time to do something is now! Contact me if I can be of assistance. You can reach me at:

[email protected] (No, my name is not actually Alex.)

or here on minds, as of right now.

May you escape the Goolag safely, my friend!