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Is MINDS.COM king of the future?

Charles Ng'enoMar 1, 2018, 5:55:35 PM

I have this feeling that in a year or two, minds.com will be the king on online media networks. Maybe not as a social media site but generally where everyone goes for news commentaries and tutorials.

Many content creators are complaining about YouTube and Facebook being biased, and Minds.com is by far a better platform for a beginner. I started yesterday and I have a much better reach than I have had in other platforms.

I have tried steemit but it has a lot of spammy creators out to make a quick steem. It is also very difficult for someone starting out when you don't have many followers. SOLA was cool but it is very limited in potential growth.

Minds has more quality content (we just have to create more non political content) than most new social media. And I think we have potential of beating medium (Which has been around for years).

My account in minds.com cannot be monetized(wrong country) and this was the reason I first ignored this platform. But now that I have tried it, I'm considering only making content for minds. I can make money in other ways once I have the audience.

What do you guys think?