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The Brazen Serpent

brazen_serpentFeb 28, 2018, 12:41:27 AM

500 Numbered Hardcovers Printed.

“In The Brazen Serpent, Helen Kirkby offers a far-reaching and thoughtful exploration of the philosophical, psychological and practical aspects of the Qabalah. Keep an eye on this promising new author!”

—David Shoemaker, author of Living Thelema, The Winds of Wisdom and other writings

“. . . a whirlwind tour through the Sephiroth and Paths of the Tree of Life through the lens of a Thelemic practitioner's experience and understanding. It is clear that the author has spent a great deal of time with Aleister Crowley's magical system of Thelema as well as with traditional Qabalah, as they are blended together seamlessly throughout the text . . . .”

—Frater IAO131, author of Naturalistic Occultism: An Introduction to Scientific Illuminism, Fresh Fever From the Skies, and more

“a brilliant and masterful treatise on the Thelemic Qabalah. Helen Kirkby sets the bar high and I expect her to keep raising it, because she has the ingenuity and talent to do it.”

—Soror Syrinx, author of Vault of Babalon

Helen Kirkby, otherwise known as Soror N.O., is an artist, occultist and initiate of the A.’.A.’. She currently attends the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles.

The Brazen Serpent is an advanced treatise on the Hermetic Qabalah from a unique Thelemic perspective aiming to fulfill the needs of serious readers who wish to deepen their understanding. It is NOT a beginner’s guide. The Brazen Serpent expects the reader to be familiar with the Thelemic paradigm and have working knowledge of the Tree of Life.


The Brazen Serpent is organized into four parts:

I. Introduction –

Explores the theory of man’s Prime Deviation and notions of The Fall in the context of the Hermetic Qabalah

Presents an analysis of consciousness using Qabalistic and Thelemic terms

Provides an outline of the Tree of Life using the Caduceus

Describes how involution and evolution occurs on the Tree of Life

Delves into the psychology of True Will

II. The Spheres –

Gives a thorough analysis of the spheres, Kether to Malkuth, in all four worlds

Explains how and why attributes are given instead of listing a table of correspondences

Provides a context into the Hermetic Qabalah from sources prior to Athanasius Kircher in order to highlight the evolution into Thelemic Qabalah

Elucidates the system presented in the A.’.A.’. and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn from an initiated perspective

III. The Paths –

Gives a thorough analysis of the paths, Tav to Aleph, with specific characteristics of each for the practitioner to utilize in his work

Provides extensive Gematria analysis for each letter using AIQ BKR, AThBASh cypher, and more

Explains the function of each path in relation to its attributes and connecting spheres

Describes the history of tarot images associated with each path

IV. The Negative Veils & Daath –

Sorry, but this one’s a secret.

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