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Dragon ICO - For Casinos and Players!

RoonyBlackFeb 27, 2018, 6:17:12 PM

The Idea

I would like to start with taking a look at the actual Dragon ecosystem and see what it is comprised from.

The very first part of the ecosystem is the social wallet where Dragon members can store their DRG and all kinds of different crypto currencies. But not only that, the social wallet actually offers social features similar to other social media and messengers. Through the wallet members can also make peer to peer transactions such as lending, transfer or payment and all that is possible through the blockchain technology that Dragon uses. Also, buying of DGC goes through the social wallet so it seems that it is a very useful and important part of the ecosystem.

The next thing on the ecosystem is the global cash card. The aim of the card is to provide maximum usage coverage via Visa and Mastercard networks. What it is, essentially is a debit card that can be used to convert your virtual money to actual physical money as you would do with a standard credit or debit card. This gives users immediate liquidity and that is the best thing so for that is a selling point for me personally.

What is even better is that machines will be supplied globally that will allow users to draw fiat cash but also use the machines to deposit fiat into their wallets. The plan is that at first the machines will be supplied only to Dragon affiliated venues but then they will be placed in major cities globally so as to provide convenience to the Dragon users.

Another amazing thing about this company is that Dragon is planning to create their own junket before the Chinese New Year 2018. These junkets will fully utilize the dragon chips as their operational internal currency. I am not even near ending this and I am already so excited.

The Team

Founder and CEO is Mr. Chakrit (Chris) Ahmad. His expertise is with technology, software, listings and M&A.

The other co-founder is Mr. Moynan. He is an operations expert who has a background of two decades working with high-level governmental projects.

Of course the company is not just its leaders and big bosses but the whole team as a whole. The rest of the guys that work with and on Dragon are every bit as brilliant as the two founders of the company.

Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper is significantly short in length but I can tell you it has so many details that the length does not matter. On the website it is announced that it will soon be available in a number of different languages and that gives an opportunity for an international representation. There is a simple explanation to all the processes of the company and all of the steps taken for them to get as far as they have.

There is also substantial information about the ecosystem and the token sale and also about what the token can be used for. As an addition to the whitepaper also explains all of the token’s benefits.

It is very good that each and every member of the team is given a spotlight in the whitepaper so that you can see the kind of professionals that are working on this incredible project.


The project has raised the astonishing $320,000,000 so far in the private and pre-sales, making it the second biggest ICO in the history, right after the recent Telegram ICO. 7% of the 500M tokens are available for the crowdsale, which ends on 15th of March 2018.


Dragon is a company that offers an easier and simplified way for casinos and players to move their funds and allows for immediate liquidity. I would say that it has reached a number of impressive milestones in the very short time of its existence and there is a lot more to be done and I believe that this company can do it all with the blink of an eye.

I think that Dragon has really managed to completely change the name of the game and leave a positive impression as is evident from their social media. But there really is nothing less to be expected from a company with such a professional team that are putting their minds to achieving whatever comes next for Dragon.

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Website link: https://drgtoken.io/

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