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COINTED – The Future of Money

mirofameFeb 26, 2018, 12:22:41 PM

▶️2-Minute ICO Summaries - Cointed:🎬

☑️About Cointed❓

Cointed creates a link between the world of cryptocurrency and the real world. Digital currencies play an important role in today’s life as they have become a success due to their revolutionary properties. Every day more and more people are involved in different projects in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the main problem they face is how can easily change their virtual currencies into fiat money. And when we speak about money, safety is of key importance to consumers. People need to be sure that their money can easily be converted from cryptocurrencies to fiat currency and vice versa in a secure environment.

✅The Solution

Blockchain technology changed the world in a way no one has ever expected. The introduction of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, enabled people to trade, do payments, transfer money within a decentralized network. The key factor of this growing industry is the ability of people to control over their finances. That is why Cointed provides platform that enables people to convert between crypto and fiat money in a secure, transparent and affordable environment. And Cointed created particular ways of solving this issues.

The Company installed Multi-Cryptocurrency ATMs in 70 locations and every 7 days new locations are added to their network. There are two ATM models: compact one-way ATMs that enable people to purchase different kinds of digital currencies, while the two-way ATMs provide exchange of cryptocurrencies for a fiat money.

Cointed plans to introduce a Crypto Debit Card with a variety of advanced features for the customers. The cards will have the in-app security technologies and safety PIN similar to ordinary debit cards. The difference is that they will be usable as means of payment into the crypto world.


Cointed was founded in 2014 by a small team of individuals who share common ideas – Aches Wong, Jerry Ng Chien, Daniil Orlov, Charli Aho, Christopher Reider, Wolfgang Thaler and Eduard Orloff. The founders, along with co-founders support the development of policies and solutions to ensure continuous integration of key priorities and strategies across the company.

The advisory role is entrusted to Karthik Iyer. He is an expert in the field of blockchain, ecommerce, business and brand strategy and marketing. He provides assistance to Cointed team with anything from managing human resources to marketing to giving direction of regulators.


It is extremely important to be part of a community in order to inform and to engage people with your idea. Internet gives a lot of options to establish a solid presence on various social media channels. In the process of social media marketing it is important to know the target group in order to easily reach the right public for you. Cointed has active profiles on the most recognizable social platforms as well as on targeted-oriented ones such as:

✔️ Facebook – 6296 followers;

✔️ Twitter – 2965 followers;

✔️ Telegram – 255 members;

✔️ YouTube – more than 3911 total views from all videos.


The roadmap is essential for every ICO as it gives the direction and the particular steps of the realization of the idea. Cointed follows the stages and this is an evidence that it is a working technology with a clear view of the idea.

☑️Website Review

The official website welcomes its users with a countdown to the beginning of the initial coin offering. The site has a very stylish and recognizable blue design. It emphasizes on a big coin on the left sides that corresponds with the name of the company. On the menu bar there are standard buttons regarding the main information of the ICO, roadmap, team, FAQ and others. There is balance between text information and visual representation like charts, graphs, etc. The site is open for people from different countries as it supports multi-language platform.

✅Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper consists of 28 pages. Similar to the official website it has multi-language versions too. It is impressive how with less words and more pictures you can explain in details the whole idea and its realization. The visual representation communicate better the research concept in light of the development and informational needs. The document gives answers to a lot of questions in terms of regulations, current stage of the token and ICO, and a clear business plan of how the company is planning to manage risks. The information is intended for both already engaged people and new joiners.

✅Cointed Pre-ICO / ICO

Initial Coin Offering is means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency enterprise. The Token Name used by Cointed is COINTED TOKEN (CTD). The maximum amount is 650 million CTDs. The following table gives additional information regarding the dates of the campaigns:

☑️What I Like Most About Cointed

Cointed offers a working blockchain based solution with a particular products and services in order to guarantee that its idea is feasible. The roadmap contains specific steps in the whole process – starting with the idea, the team behind it, the technical means needed for its realization and fundraising campaign. The Cointed Company has created a successful business model with the following elements:

✔️ Digital currency trading on the crypto exchange.

✔️ Cointed is the biggest provider of multi-cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe.

✔️Payment solutions that can be implemented into online stores and cash register systems.

✔️ Green mining through environmentally friendly methods: hydro- and wind power.

The Cointed Company is one of the few companies in the field of blockchain and virtual currencies that is in its final stages of acquiring a banking license. For most of the business organizations being regulated by the law is the last problem. However, Cointed has components from both authority-based contracts and corporate forms in order to have a legal framework in place.

⚠️You Can Find More Information Here:

❕Cointed Official Website: https://cointedtoken.com/index.html

❗️Cointed Whitepaper: https://cointedtoken.com/COINTED_Whitepaper.pdf 

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