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Having a good time on the range

SGTHocFeb 24, 2018, 12:40:06 AM

Thought I would write this blog to enlighten those that have gone to the range and not had a good time. There are a few thing that go into having a great time out on the range, like having the proper equipment, having a few friends, finding the right range and having the right attitude.

A lot of times when I see a bad day for someone it usually relates to bad equipment choices. A quick check in the weather forecast will let you know if a rain jacket will be a good idea. Comfortable clothes that cover you are also a good way to avoid those fun brass burns that many shooters know all to well. Further back in the planning process is the selection of firearms, making sure a firearm is comfortable is a big key to enjoying using it. I have met way too many people that bought a gun based on sterling recommendations that other people have made, and turns out they don't have the same natural grip as the recommender.

Having some good shooting buddies will vastly change your shooting experience. If you are a newer shooter, find someone who has been at it for a while; if you can't find one from your personal life, there is usually a friendly dude on the range who can help out. Learn a thing or two from those around you it will make future endeavors easier and you might be a better shooter. If you are pretty good already try out some friendly competition with some guys that are just as good if not better then you.  This will quickly improve your game and you would be surprised how much fun it is.

Finding the right range is probably the hardest yet most rewarding part of this equation. Shooters tend to become bored quickly with indoor "stay in your box" ranges. They aren't terrible, and in a pinch they can be used to master the basics, but if you have been to one you have been to them all. My personal favorites are the outdoor, "low-restriction" type ranges that allow for movement and a more free flow type of training to take place. With a responsible group of shooters, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The last is the most important: the positive mental attitude. If you gear up for the range and think to yourself "Aw this is gonna suck" or "I'm gonna be really scared"; you are going to have a really crappy time out there. Get out there ready to rock and roll, have a ball and enjoy every moment of it. Take it seriously enough to keep from making any bad mistakes but don't let that seriousness get in the way of having a good time. I have found that the more people actually get out there and shoot the less they let the little thing hang them up, so commit yourself to a little extra range time if you are feeling a little shaky on something. 

With that, get out there and have some damn fun.