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Not Enough Is Being Done About Political Correctness on University Campuses.

Unquiet ContentionFeb 23, 2018, 12:30:44 AM

Not Enough Is Being Done About Political Correctness on University Campuses.

The battle against Social Justice has been one many have fought for over ten years. I’ve personally fought it for about five now, and it has been one of the ugliest battles in history.

I have devoted thousands of hours fighting against it, generating content such as videos and articles and it remains the case that Social Justice and Political Correctness in its most rampant form still exists.

There is little to no pushback against university courses based around Political Correctness and Identity Politics.

The fact, as evidenced by videos from these lectures, is that these lectures are designed as nothing more than indoctrination tools designed to manufacture Social Justice Warriors, adherents to the cult of Social Justice and the idea that rights are above all else the fundamental goal to fight for.

This is despite the fact that in The West, we have more dolled rights per head than your average African, Arab and Chinese person combined; we have freedom of speech, the monopoly on the press is falling, and we are seeing very much so a great increase in the social consciousness.

Despite all of this, once again programmes centred around Postmodernist ideals, around feminist gender studies and around topics related to Marxist lensed ideas, not enough, in fact nothing is being done to counter the insanity on university campuses.

The approach we, the wider public, have taken is passive and relies more on an approach centred around the idea that we, the people, will elect the worthiness of a platform such as Gender Studies via our attendance of such programmes.

While this plays a role, it doesn’t play anywhere near the role we give it credit. When foolish seventeen, eighteen year olds are given the power to choose their own path, they evidently show a bias towards rights activism courses such as gender studies.

The result is in fact the attendance of these courses going unchecked, and no halting to the attendance of such programmes in sight. The Free Market has, is and always will fail in the short term, but will always succeed in the long term, we see this with businesses and banks all of the time.

But when it comes to ideologies as harmful as Postmodernist and Radical Feminist ones, ideas that are damaging to the fundamental fabric of society and culture, ideas which are intent and focused on the generation of rebellious social movements that are aimed at destroying society itself, we cannot allow Free Market forces to rule.

A passive approach is the best approach you can take if you want to concede your power to this particular enemy. Engage them, take their ideas to pieces and debate them. Disregard their politics and their appeals to ethical standards, because you know that their idea of ethical standards are warped.

And above all else, we need to organise. Mass complain to universities infested by Social Justice courses and members and tell the heads of such courses exactly why they are wrong, and elect not to allow your children to attend any university sufficiently infested by the kind of gender politics that threatens society itself.

More needs to be done to organise against the enemy. More needs to be done to rip and tear their ideas apart, not just laugh and scoff at them, but instead to actually engage and dissect their ideas.

Direct and assertive control over this situation must be gained, and failure to regain such control is suicidal. The kind of suicide involved ranges from that of our society, then our identity as free thinking individuals. Fight this tyranny, and all tyrannies you encounter, especially when they claim to be on the ‘ethical’ side of history.

Ethics is overrated as a topic of activism, and it should not be preached within the walls of universities as an academic subject, the results are self-evident, from the barbaric Black Bloc, to the insane ranting feminists leaving university with at least £78,000 in debt and not even a semblance of useable or useful skill.

For the sake of society, we need to get rid of these people. Thanks for listening.

Side Note 1:

Anyone willing to organise any mass protest against universities supporting Postmodernist ideals can share their efforts in the comments, I’ll be sure to give you a share.

Side Note 2:

If you believe that the removal of such university courses is antiquated or is by its nature censorship, you are mistaken. As a taxpayer, you are able to comment, write and complain about content taught on courses as much as you like. So long as you stop short of physical violence, you can protest as much as you like. I suggest you use said right to the fullest of your ability.