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Your First Day in Hell: Welcome to Minds!

TheGarbageManFeb 22, 2018, 8:57:26 PM

So Twitter and Facebook banned you? Tired of being shadow-fucked? Got told you aren't allowed to participate for a week or four? Want to be where there is no censorship?

If you answered any with at least an unsure "maybe", then Minds is for you!

Now just follow this guide and you too can be a Kang of Minds.com, just like your thrice-crowned Garbage Man!

So make it your own!

You come to a desolate wasteland, there doesn’t seem to much activity. Searching around, you subscribe to few mainstays, your Infowars, Sargutt of Assad, probably some of the top trending or featured.

As you browse these big playa pages, pay attention to two things: When they last posted and how many channels are THEY subscribed to? 

Are you going to just give away your upvotes, like some first-day slut? Hell no, this is a give-take economy here. 

Support those who support you.

Give a few upvotes bait, and if they bite, BOOM, hit them with an upvote bomb! Give them a good 100 to 200 upvote hits. It’s like giving a gift of points and exposure. Remind one or two posts that you find interesting to top it off.

Most of the time, they’ll give you back in kind, or give you a shout-out on their bigger channel, increasing your exposure. If not, oh well, they know who you are now and they might return it in kind someday. Just don’t let them clog your newsfeed without them giving you exposure and support in return.

When it comes to your channel, you can look at it two ways: a representation or an extension. Are you going to be a namefag, like your Garbage Man here, or are you going to be you? Are you going to let people see your personal life, or are you going to pretend to be someone else? Perhaps a mix of the two? 

This is Minds, you can be whatever the fuck you want to be here. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Some channels gain a bunch of subs by hitting subscribe to everyone. This is usually the fastest way to reach the 1k sub benchmark, but it will cost you lasting support as new channels with large subscription counts have little time to get to know their subscribers and what they like, too.

Don't break your crown before you even get to wear it.

It’s important to know your audience anywhere in life, but you can learn from your audience here at Minds.com, too! 

I always get some great information or ideas for my own content just by scrolling through the feed and my favorite subscriptions, upvoting everything along the way!

Groups are also an easy way to find similar interests and active channels. Go to the group section and search or browse. From photography to shitlording, there’s an interest for everyone. You can also go to Mindsgaming to see a list of launched and active groups!

Not everyday is going to be all about you. Some days I’ll just remind a maybe a dozen posts and that’s it. When I was smaller, I would do like two or three and write something about every remind. It let me develop @TheGarbageMan into what I wanted. It takes time to get your bearings, don’t grind them out too fast!

Downvoting is a rude gesture. It’s asking for a fight here, especially when you give no reason for the downvote

If you do downvote, be ready. If you aren’t ready, just pass it over, take note of the channel, and adjust as needed.

It’s okay to cull your subscription list. If you don’t want them subscribed to you for reasons, but don’t want to permanently block, just block and then unblock. Your subscriptions to each other is removed. Save your drama for Facebook.

Be sure to comment, upvote, remind, and subscribe! You hit all four on a single post, you probably got a fan, or at least a stalker. I thinks it’s cool as fuck to get the random upvote, remind, maybe even a message from my favorite Minds creators.

And that’s the thing; We are all creators here at Minds.com. From reminding, to upvoting, to commenting, to posting, we all make a community of ideas, an involvement of discourse, a narrowing of ideals, and a discovery of self. 

I have greatly improved both my world and political views, all thanks to the myriad of channels that are present and active here, at motherfucking Minds.com.

Leave the lame social media behind.

So get out there! Check the trending! Go to the groups! Post some shit, your favorite photos, Youtube video links, write a blog, anything! 

We want you to succeed here! We need content creators that are consistent! We need active users! We need you! Please, for the love God! PLEASE!!!

Newly added advice: For technical questions, please check out the Help & Support group! Just search for keywords within the group and usually the question you have has already been answered! If not, the devs and mods here are fast and courteous to all Minds users who ask serious questions regarding their channel!

Is there something I forgot? How have you survived this far? Let me know in the comments!