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Vestarin – an Easy Guide to Crypto Currency Investments?

mirofameFeb 21, 2018, 6:34:57 PM

▶️2-Minute ICO Summaries - Vestarin:🎬

☑️What is Vestarin❓

Crypto currency has been gaining grounds and the number of investors is increasing every day. But surely, not everyone makes a profit and what is more, confusion arises. Vestarin is a special platform designed to help and guide investors in the process. The platform solves a number of problems and reduces the risks that may be encountered and this is crucial, since in order for people to invest, they need to trust and believe in what they are going to do. Vestarin provides advantages not only for users, but also it integrates business by offering an additional source of profit.

Surely, everyone will agree that wherever there is money, there are problems. Crypto currency is not an exception. One of the problems that investors often face is the presence of plenty sham projects that offer inaccurate information, thus misleading users and this results in losing faith in the crypto currency. What Vestarin offers in order to solve this is a communication between different people who are aware of this industy, thus risk will subside and also all the unnecessary and false information will be excluded. The user will be able to find accurate reviews of others and contribute to them.

What is more, Vestarin provides the opportunity to form a team of people, get an investor and implement your ideas. This is a major advantage for those that are creative and we all know that an idea is nothing if not supported and allowed to develop. Another problem comes from the fact that people cannot really spend their crypto currency or at least there are limited places where this could be done. Vestarin solves this problem as well by looking for and inviting more places to start working with such currency.

The only thing that needs to be done is to buy VST tokens. Thus the platform eases users and opens new opportunities for them. When it comes to the language the app comfortably offers not only English, but also a number of other languages, so that everyone would be able to use the platform and feel ease. Additionally, Vestarin is divided into sections and includes sources that provide easiness and reliability for users of the platform.

✅Meet the Team

The team consists of eleven numbers. The founder of the platform is Said Radzhabov and the other ten members are different kinds of specialists – executive officer, business development, smart-contact developer, technology officer, two back-end developers, iOS developer, legal support, marketing officer, art director and UX/UI designer. In addition, there are five skilled advisors taking part in the project.


The roadmap covers the period between September 2017 and June 2019. Everything on the platform is being carefully processed. It is expected that in a year, there will be about 10 million users using Vestarin.

✅ICO Details

ICO will take place in the near future from March 5 to April 4 2018. The platform’s target is 100 000 ETH from buyers and would not take investments afterwards. The selling of the tokens will provide grounds for further development. The hard cap is estimated to be 35 000 ETH.

☑️Basic Google Search❓

A basic google search opens a number of articles praising the development of Vestarin. I haven’t come across any negative comments. The articles concern both the idea of the platform itself and updates on the release of the Pre-ICO, which has already been launched.

✅Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper follows all key points concerning Vestarin platform and presents the information in detail. One of the main sections dwells upon the problems concerning crypto currency investors and how the app solves these problems. Another key section is about ICO and it provides details and database that would be useful to users.

☑️Stage of Development

Since January 30, the Pre-ICO has been launched. Investors who buy tokens will surely benefit, since they will have the opportunity to do it at a lower cost. For 1 ETH gained on the pre-ICO one gains 1000 VST extra when compared to ICO. The aim is for the app to gain 2000 ETH during this stage and its limit is 3500 ETH.


Vestarin turns out to be a very reliable and easy to work with platform, which fascinates with the fact that it provides investors with the ability to exchange information with different experts and to create a team and feel safer. Crypto currency is a way to earn money, however, it is risky and what is better than a special app to guide you in the process.

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