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Teriyaki Tofu with Red Lentil Pasta

LukeWhiteheadFeb 19, 2018, 9:03:07 AM

Teriyaki Tofu with Red Lentil Pasta

Ingredients -

Tofu (200 grams)

Red Lentil Pasta (150 grams)

Teriyaki Sauce (4-5 tablespoons)

Recipe -

Drain tofu (I find the easiest way is to take it out of the packet and squeeze it as hard as you can between two plates over the sink).

Chop tofu into cubes.

Heat up a frying pan on a medium heat with a tablespoon or two of olive oil (or coconut oil).

While your pan is heating put the kettle on to boil and add your pasta to a separate pan.

Add the boiling water to your pasta and leave to simmer for about 8mins, then drain once cooked.

Fry tofu until brown on all sides.

Add some black pepper to the frying pan.

Add teriyaki sauce to the frying pan (the amount depends on personal preference, but enough to coat the tofu) and stir constantly for about 3mins so the sauce doesn’t burn to the pan. Then remove the tofu from the frying pan.

At this point (If you want) you can add some veggies into the mix (Broccoli, Carrots, peppers etc.).

Using the same pan you fried the tofu (with any leftover teriyaki sauce in) stir fry your veggies for about 5mins.

Place pasta into a large dish, then your veggies (If you’ve got them) and finally the teriyaki tofu. If you feel it needs it drizzle a little bit of extra teriyaki sauce on top.