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What is Obizcoin?

mirofameFeb 18, 2018, 7:58:06 PM

▶️2-Minute ICO Summaries - Obizcoin:🎬

✅The Company

Obizcoin and the Obizcoin BOT are a product of the parent company Your Retail Coach. This company has been providing solutions for managing business for Startups and SMEs since it has been founded in 2012. Your Retail Coach is an Indian company that provides clients with the possibility to better develop their internal and external processes. And they have decided to make an improvement that helps their clients even more- that improvement is the Obizcoin BOT. There are a number of essential problems that Obizcoin aims to address. First off, more than half of new businesses fail in the first five years and 80% of them owe that to inefficient process management.

And process management is lacking because the actual internal processes are ones that contradict each other and in a way work against each other so that really hurts the efficiency of businesses. Another important point to be made is that often businesses are unable to identify weaknesses and therefore cannot plan for their growth. So without efficient processes a business can lead to more unhappy customers than the delivery of a poor product and we all know that an unhappy client leads to bankruptcy. 

☑️What can be Done About all This

Obizcoin BOT is an innovative solution to all of the above mentioned problems. The BOT is based on artificial intelligence and blockchain so that allows for decentralization and for it to learn everyday based on a company’s needs. This smart innovation will have the ability to improvise business processes and develop them and all that with the help of Ethereum blockchain technology. The BOT will not only help with designing the processes but will also assist in implementing them- it will allocate tasks to the given team then monitor them and, of course reward them according to their performance.

At the end it will also upgrade the process in order to improve for the next task at hand. The processes can be customized to serve the purposes of the particular businesses and to suit their requirements. It is estimated that Obizcoin BOT will lead to 50% cost saving, 80% increase in employee productivity and will bring zero error rates. That is one smart bot! It almost sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but trust me when I say that it is the actual reality. And that is not even the whole story.

Every company needs to keep growing and developing, not only on the inside but on the outside as well and to be able to do that it needs to be able to evaluate and recognize risks. Recognizing risks means that a given company needs to be able to spot and work on any weaknesses. That is something that the Obizcoin bot can also do for Startups and SMEs. In fact on of its key features is the operational risk score analysis that works thanks to a unique algorithm. That algorithm allows for companies to achieve business process excellence.

The job of the BOT is to automate all internal and external processes and in that way to keep the employees motivated. The Obizcoin decentralized platform depends on the system rather than on people and brings amazing domain expertise and that in turn brings satisfied customers.


There are three important pages that I have visited to see how Obizcoin is doing with popularity. I have to say that for a platform that has an experienced company backing it up, it has a surprisingly small following. Although, it is important to note that it is constantly growing and that quality is always more important than quantity. First off is Facebook where Obizcoin has been given 4,8 out of 5 stars and has a following of nearly 3000 people. The likes are just 7 short of 2800.

The page is updated every time something new happens and if you are interested in the steps they take you can view them on Facebook. Of course, that is not the only source of constant updates. The platform’s Twitter page seems to be more popular with a following of 3540 people. There is information uploaded almost daily. Obizcoin also has a YouTube channel that does not have too many videos but the ones that are uploaded have thousands of views and you can see a video with the founding members of the project and see what their idea was and how they planned it and developed it.

☑️The Team That Backs up Obizcoin❓

As I mentioned previously Obizcoin and the Obizcoin bot come from the same people that are behind the Your Retail Coach. So the people involved already had experience with supporting businesses to improve their internal and external processes. Experience- that is something very crucial to any company.

➡️The founding partners of are Varun Shah, Dr. Rupal Agarwal and Nikhil Agawal. Let us consider them one by one.❗️

Ladies first, Dr. Rupal Agarwal is a co-founder and CSO of Your Retail Coach. She has graduated the D.Y. Patil Medical College with a degree in Psychoterapy and has exceptional skills in managing teams and business strategy. She also seems to be pretty good at business development. All of her skills are very useful and easily put her in a very good position. She has some valuable experience that she has implemented in the creation of the Obizcoin platform.

Next up is Varun Shah who is acting CFO of the company and has graduated the University of Mumbai with a bachelor’s degree in Business Commerce. Some of his skills that he has brought to the company and to the creation of Obizcoin are financial planning, ICO advisory, financial analysis and financial modeling and that is among many others.

Last but not least among the co-founders is Nikhil Agwal. He is an entrepreneur, business process management consultant and an AI and blockchain enthusiast. Nikhil Agwal is also the COO of the company and has a master’s degree in finance and international business and a bachelor’s degree in business commerce. As Dr. Rupal Agarwal, he is experienced in retail management, business development and team management.

It seems that the founding members have already put a lot on the table but it is important to note that the rest of the team is every bit as experienced and professional as them. They are fully devoted in the success of Obizcoin and YRC.


The roadmap can be followed back to 2013 and we can see that this is when YRC started their work with business process consulting services. Since then they have been expanding and developing with each and every step they take. In 2017 was the moment when they started planning the Obizcoin BOT and its development ended in 2018. All of that can be followed in the roadmap depicted below.


The whitepaper is not too long but is not lacking in any sense. There are a lot of details and information about every aspect of the project and about the parent company that is responsible for the creation of Obizcoin. It gives a simple explanation for all of the processes that the company went through to be able to create Obizcoin and carefully explains how the BOT works and what are the benefits from it. Not only that but it also gives an overview of why most companies fail to launch and how that can be fixed.

I really enjoyed reading the whitepaper as it gives a lot of valuable information that is easy to read and understand. Another important selling point, at least for me is that the whitepaper can be viewed not only in English but also in Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian and Russian. Multilingual whitepapers are my very favorite thing because that means that the company is open to a wider audience.


The first thing that I take a look at when evaluating a project is the website since that is where the investors will first find themselves when deciding if they should contribute or not. And I have to say that it is very professional and easy to navigate in. 

All of the important points are summarized and in that way, without overloading the visitors of the page, the website already gives all of the needed information. I really liked that there are also videos that explain the idea of Obizcoin in a synthesized way so that you really don’t need to worry that you will have a lack of information. And I can’t help but point out the very pleasant interface that just makes you want to browse the page all day.

☑️ICO Details

Obizcoin has already reached Softcap which amounts to 30 million tokens and is equall to 1.5 million USD. The Hardcap is 300 million tokens (15 million USD). The tokens can be used to avail operational risk score analysis, to access the Obizcoin DAPP platform. They are also implemented in the reward system for the developers of the platform.

The token is an ERC-20. The pre-ico started on the 14th of December and ended on the 24th of January. The official ICO started on the 29th of January and is scheduled to end on the 14th of March. We should note that 1 ETH is equal to 10,000 OBZ tokens. The total number of tokens is 300 million and 270 million of them are for the ICO participants. If they are not entirely sold, what is left will be kept in a reserve and used when needed. The team and advisors will be getting 8% of the OBZ tokens and 2% will be used for bounties.

This ICO is quite interesting because the platform will give a 250% bonus for every $100 000 that the company hits. This will be available for 25 lucky participants. And there is a large investors bonus that goes as follows:

✔️3 ETH = 10% Bonus

✔️5 ETH = 20% Bonus

✔️7 ETH = 30% Bonus

✔️10 ETH = 40% Bonus

✔️15 ETH = 50% Bonus

✔️25 ETH = 60% Bonus

✔️35 ETH = 70% Bonus

✔️50 ETH = 85% Bonus

Another special thing about Obizcoin is that they have a referral program that allows you to share your personal code and invite friends to the crowdsale. In that way you will be able to earn a bonus for every payment. That sounds very good!


Among the many partners of Obizcoin is Nebula which is a cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin trading platform and is one of the giants when it comes to that. So I would say that this is a very valuable partner that can push Obizcoin to the top. Among the marketing partners of the platform are ICO Daily, ICO link, ICO Buffer, Hackernoon, ICO Glory and many, many others.


I would like to end up by saying that Your Retal Coach has really hit the spot with Obizcoin and Obizcoin BOT. Automatization of all business processes is actually a very good idea that can change the way that Startups and SMEs work. And when we talk about change there is always the question of whether it is a positive one or not. I would have to say that this is a very positive one that can bring a number of different benefits that include reduction of cost for companies to better their internal and external processes.

Of course, a human element is always needed as machines sometimes fail but that is the beauty of it- Obizcoin does not exclude that. It allows for a cooperative method between the BOT and the human element and that leads to achievement of business excellence. I also believe that the BOT can improve a business’ ability to detect and prevent any potential weaknesses and failures. And what is even better is that it gives you a heads up and things can be taken care of very early on.

Obizcoin has the potential to save thousands of young businesses and that is something that I fully support and hope that the team will keep working on the project.

⚠️More information❓:

Link to the website: https://www.obizcoin.io//

❗️Link to the whitepaper: https://www.obizcoin.io//images/Obizcoin-Whitepaper.pdf

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