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Happy Chinese New Year 2018

satan's pancreasFeb 18, 2018, 4:11:58 PM

I'm posting this as a blog because the short description of each character made the text portion of this post way too long, and also because this way I can share a full resolution version of the image.

Do the fox men count as dogs?

Good luck this year of the Dog - from an entirely unfocused collective of so called adventurers.

-Osorubeki ; Hulijing(Kitsune) Warlock of The Lich and Merchant Queen Mei Anxing.-

(An ancient spirit with the mind of a child due to having been trapped in limbo for several hundred years)

-Some Old Dude; Human GOO Warlock/Illusionist Wizard & Senile old bastard-

(Acts as the party's grandfather despite being younger than about half of the party. Can't remember most of his past due to age and constantly fabricates stories of the year '52)

-Oolong Yi; Hulijing Paladin-

(A simple guard of his people's sacred tree, he eventually set out to find his other half, a Tiefling named Sun Ming)

-Sun Ming; Tiefling Sun Soul Monk-

(An orphan taken in by a monastery dedicated to a sun god, sent out to go experience the world after a sheltered upbringing)

-Bartholomew (Daryan Menethel) Lockheart; Human Divination Wizard-

(Taken from his insane parents and haunted home at a young age. left under the care of a strange couple he studied magic illegally and struck out on his own to find a remedy for his birth-parents, purging the land of ghosts and fiends along the way -- in exchange for coin of course.)

-Huan Xiaoyi ; NPC Half Elf Glamour Bard-

(Recent graduate of a prestigious Bard College, Follows the party so she can always be with her husband Daryan.)

-Zhu Liye; NPC Goliath Storm Sorcerer-

(Daughter of her tribe's Chieftain, she had fallen in love with a Firbolg Man named Ro Mi, since the Goliath and Firbolg have been at odds for each other for half a millennium she could only see him by running off into human lands with him.)

-Ro Mi; Firbolg Storm Herald Barbarian-

(A free spirit among free spirits, Ro Mi lives under no scrutiny from his people, but they would still never approve of his choice of companionship and so too hides in human lands with his beloved Liye)