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Peggy2Feb 17, 2018, 9:13:07 PM

Dear Sheriff Israel and Director Wray,

Along with everyone else in America, I am truly devastated by the tragedy that took place in Parkland, Florida last week. My heart is broken for the parents, families and friends of the 17 people whose lives were taken in such a senseless act of violence. 

Along with my overwhelming sadness, though, I am also feeling very angry that the systems put in place to protect Americans from tragedies like this aren't working.  

How is it possible that you and your respective departments had more than 20 opportunities to question Nikolas Cruz;  2 tips directly to the FBI, and 20 calls to the police department in Broward County?

How is it possible that 22 American citizens 'SAW something, and DID something', but no one at the FBI or Broward County Sheriff Department did anything in response?

Just imagine the additional anguish this knowledge must add to the pain of the victims' families. It could have been prevented!

The lack of competency in your respective agencies is truly outrageous, and I personally hold both of you accountable for this terrible tragedy.

If just one person, in one of your departments had been doing their job, Nikolas Cruz may have gotten the help he so clearly needed. And the 17 people he killed might still be alive.

So please, if you do nothing else, just own up to the fact that because of your actions (or lack of actions), a deeply disturbed 19-year-old young man fell through the cracks, and he took 17 innocent people with him.

And you guys could have stopped him.