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TV = Mind Control; So what are you gonna do about it?

Luminous▼SovereignFeb 16, 2018, 3:32:33 PM

You should be aware that the most effective prisons are made of beliefs and not stone or steel.  

The most effective mind-control tool on the planet today is television. 

The programs that come into millions of homes through that medium significantly influence the viewer's minds and in all too many cases, change the viewer's belief system to match that of the program's producers.  
The vast majority of the programs that are beamed into your home are garbage that pollute viewers' minds.

Why Avoid Most Television Programs?

Because their  primary focus is on misfits and criminals whose lives are focused on death and destruction. 

What percentage of the present day TV programs are about one of more of the following:

  1. crime,  
  2. police, 
  3. courts,  
  4. lawyers,  
  5. drugs,  
  6. wars,  
  7. mass murders,  
  8. racial bigotry,  
  9. religious bigotry,  
  10. interracial violence,   
  11. inter-religious violence,  
  12. anti-gay bigotry, 
  13. ethnic cleansing 
  14. Exposé's of histories most heinous criminals,  
  15. news or documentary programs about disasters, crimes, and the like, and/or 
  16. fantasy characters fighting evil villains?   

How much of that do you want to experience in your personal life?  
None? Nada? Zero? Zilch?

Then that's the number of these programs you should be watching.

You've probably heard "consciousness gurus" tell you not to watch television.  
Here's why they say that.  
Television is a phenomenal tool for mind control because it significantly influences and often dominates the mind of the viewer. 

Viewers listen to the thoughts, beliefs and verbal expressions of those whose voices are broadcast over television; 

Viewers hear sounds depicting actual sounds heard in the external world;

Viewers see visual images and scenes from the real external world;

True stories:  
Viewers hear and see news stories and in-depth reports about actual events -- events the likes of which they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives;

Dramatic Representations: 
Viewers see dramatic depictions of all kinds of things they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives.

Viewers hear and see thousands of brief messages intentionally designed to influence their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, and to change their behavior.

These words, sounds, pictures, and dramatic representations often generate strong feeling (internal emotions).   This combination of words, sounds, pictures, and the high emotion they generate strongly influence the viewers.

Those who control the television content can control your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes, and your expectations

Are you a function of television-generated mind?

Here are a few basic questions to ask:

The Whole Truth:
Is what you view via television "The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?" 

Since conveying the whole truth of an event via symbolic representations in words sounds and pictures is impossible, it can never be the whole truth. 

The Message sender:

  • Who are the message senders?   
  • What is the basic philosophy of the message sender?   
  • What are their long-term goals and intentions?   
  • Is the message sender speaking for him/herself or representing a third party such as a corporation, a religious group, or political party.    
  • Is the Truth Being Distorted?   
  • What is the in-the-moment intention of the message sender?   
  • Is it information, or misinformation?   
  • Is the message sender attempting to distract the viewers attention away from something else?  
  • Is it biased to make any particular belief or behavior look and sound good or bad?   
  • Is there a hidden agenda behind the message?   
  • Is the message sender attempting to inform the viewer or is his/her intention to manipulate and influence the viewer?   
  • If the subject is a controversial issue, what does each side have to win or loose?

TV- Turn it OFF   Turn it OFF

We recommend that you turn the TV off.
Unless there is something specific you choose to watch, like a baseball game, a music concert, a special event, etc. then keep the TV off.  
If you are watching programs about crime, police, courts, hospitals, car crashes, and the like,


The Message Senders:

The mainstream media continuously feeds viewers fear-related stories.  
Because when people live in fear they are much more easily mind manipulated and their behaviors controllable and predictable. 

When people live in fear, they are much more likely to trade freedom for security.
TV commercials commonly show a group of friends living the fictitious life that many viewers would like to be living.  
The actors have above average looks and strongly imply both financial and sexual success. 

The subtle message to the viewer is:

You're not good enough the way you are.  
If you want to be successful, beautiful, and have friends like those portrayed in the ad, 
then you need to purchase our product.

TV commercials are designed by cognitive psychologists.  
They grab your attention and then fill you with fear, sadness or some other negative emotion. 

The basic message is :

  • There's something wrong with you.   
  • You are not good enough as you are.   
  • You can't have the stud or the sexy actress, but you can buy our product.  
  • Our product will solve the problem we just hit you with. 

Collectively, the commercials and the shows they sponsor are designed to show a far better than average life style.  
Collectively, television portrays a lifestyle that most viewers would like to have. 

The overall goal of television is to produce a consumer mentality that is even more easily manipulated by the next artificially created crisis.
Television is like the fluoride in your toothpaste and in your drinking water, despite numerous studies that indicate that fluoride is a neurotoxin

It's a major contributor to the calcification of the pineal gland.  
Television content is the most successful mind-destroying drug the the Cabal criminals have ever invented. 

Presently, our collective, mass consciousness has been Poisoned.
Collectively, humanity is in deep suffering and cognitive dissonance because we are indoctrinated.

Conditioned into "believing" that somehow our behaviors, our systems of control (finance, government and religion) are necessary to prevent chaos. Humanity has been led astray from the perfect KOSMOS that is inherent in the vast Universe.

Creation is fractal; self similar across ALL scales, the microcosm IS self-similar to the Macrocosm and all the laws that govern the one, govern the many. Creation is expansive, multiplying and unfolding in PERFECT harmony with it's many parts.
What is it about Man that makes him "believe" that he has a moral responsibility to "control" and "divide" nature?

The very concept of DIVISION is not inherent to creation.
It is a DIVISIVE tool of the mind of man used to manipulate nature, create factions of opposition to more easily shuffle blame away from the source of the problem. This behavior can be defined as psychopathy and ponerology.

You've probably heard people claim to be victims of some "out there" bad guys, but have you also heard the other side of that same story:  
"There are no victims;  there are no enemies, only unconscious creators."?

There exists two methods by which humans take Action in the World....
and according to which one of these two methods of Action people mainly follow, there are two kinds of people.
One use their reason to learn what is good and what is bad and take Action according to this knowledge.
The other Act as they want to and then they use their reason to prove that "that which they did" was good and "that which they didn't do" was bad.

We can not possibly, as an intelligent species, expect to manifest solutions to the suffering in the world if we continue operating on the same level of consciousness that created the problem. What we need, to rectify the damage done, is to "become the change we wish to see in the world". This is accomplished, not by doing anything extra. No, it is accomplished by Stopping the behaviors that facilitate the growing of the problem. Saying No to immoral orders issued by people who wish to control us through fear.

  1. First, we have to recognize that there does exist a problem.
  2. Next, we have to make an accurate diagnosis of the causal factors that put the problem into effect.
  3. Then we must take action to rectify the causes.

This is called the 3 step problem solving process.

In society today, and in the generations past, mankind has only been focusing on "symptoms"; the alleviation of arising symptoms. We have not been striking at the root cause that put the problem into effect. And for any student of history, anthropology, social science, or philosophy, an honest look into the methods by which Man has arrived to where we are at, one should notice it all boils around control and domination. The concept of authority and whether or not it is a "natural" concept should become the question that we all ask ourselves. Do we have any Right to cause harm to another sentient being? Sadly, some people will say that we do. They will also say that the "ends justify the means". Inherently however, when we listen to that small still voice inside called conscience, it is screaming that taking that action will burn us... but we do it anyway. Is that called insanity or what?

Do you see the negative experiences in your life from the position of a victim?   
Upon experiencing pain, do you wallow in self pity and cling to a perception of yourself as a victim of all those demons lurking out in the world just waiting for the opportunity to make your life miserable?  
Do you blame "the Devil" for your plight?


When an outside event affects you and your life, do you ask: 

  • How did I participate in the creation of this event?   
  • Was the possibility of this event occurring in my life in my thoughts, my beliefs, my words, my actions, and my expectations?   
  • How many times did I listen to stories of others about events similar to mine?  
  • In what ways did I physically set myself up for this experience?   
  • How could I have avoided this pain?   
  • What's the message for me here?

For a comprehensive understanding as to how we, as individuals are responsible for the environment in which we live, simply by complying with the demands of those who call themselves "Authority", and then learn real world "how to" METHODS how to take that power back into yourself.

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➤ Mainstream Media as a Military Weapon of Social Engineering and War

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