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666 is a Time, it's a Season of Man on earth when the False Christ comes to pretending to be Jesus.

earstohear15Feb 14, 2018, 6:44:54 AM

Revelation 13:18 is the most mis understood & most apostasized verse in all the bible. And in "The Great Apostasy", also know as the FALLING AWAY FIRST (2nd Thess 2:3), when you have wolves in sheeps clothing that won't look deeper than the Englisg translations is when you hear this crap about Tattoos & computer chips in your hand & forehead calling that the Mark Of The Beast. It them that have the Mark of the Beast in their HAND (Their Work) & in their FOREHEAD (their thoughts).

NOTICE the scripture says in RV 13:18, "let him that hath UNDERSTANDING COUNT the NUMBER of the beast".

Let's look at these 3 words in the Greek manuscript they were translated from:

1. The word UNDERSTANDING is the Greek word:
XERAINOS= "to mature, to ripen"- like fruit (firstfruits =D)
And the Prime Root of Xerainos is the greek word:
XEROS= "aged" 

(Him that hath UNDERSTANDING can only count the number because he is MATURED in Gods word, he has spent time and knows the manuscripts & where the translators got their english words from in Greek)

2. The word COUNT in the manuscripts is the Greek word:
PSEPHIZO= "to use PEBBLES to count (pebbles as worn smooth by handling, like the smooth pebbles worn smooth by water in the rivers)". "To Compute"
And the prime root of Psephizo is the Greek word:
PSEPHOS = a Pebble (as worn smooth)", "a counter weight to keep a just balance on a scale" --a Verdict, ELECT

( See only an ELECT of God, a FIRSTFRUIT whom is MATURED in the word from HANDLING the word can COUNT . The preachers today don't look no deeper than the English & only speak what they heard from the preachers before them that also did not look any deeper than the English translation. Hence they are NOT MATURED in the word)

This word NUMBER is a VERB, a VERB is an ACTION and we are going to learn now the ACTIONS of the beast & what he does when he is here.
This word NUMBER in the manuscripts is the Greek word:
ARITHMOS= "to number, take the sum"
And the word Arithmos comes from the PRIME ROOT VERB Greek word:
AIRO= prim. verb "To lift, to take up or away, take away, take up"

This is a VERB, an ACTION the beast will do.
Now if this is the last days then 99% of preaching today is part of the Great Apostasy.
And what Doctrine does most of the christian world teach today when it comes to the end?
The are Teaching christian they wont be here for the beast because they will BE GONE, FLOWN AWAY in the AIR, the AIRO.


I have HANDLED the scriptures deeper than the english going on my 8th year now, I have UNDERSTANDING and can COUNT the number of the beast. I Have MATURED in those 8 years of HANDLING the word over time making it SMOOTH and not confusing.

666 is the time when Satan comes pretending to be Jesus to TAKE THEM AWAY (Number=Airo).

666 is a time and a season and that time is the 6TH SEAL, the 6TH TRUMP, 6TH VIOL
666= 6th Seal, 6th Trump, 6th Viol.

6th Seal= knowledge of men relying on their own arms of flesh (Mountains , Rocks, & Dens)
6th Trump= is sign in the earth not an actual horn blowing which is another false teaching. it means satan is here Defact/dejure(=in person)
6th Viol= is God kicking satan out and pouring him on the people.