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earstohear15Feb 13, 2018, 11:23:28 PM

1. Muhammad was a Christian.
2. Muhammad didnt write the Quran, his enemies did to steal back the worshippers he converted to Christianity and took away from mecca.

Muhammad (Arabic: محمد‎) is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name مُحَمَّد‬ that comes from the passive participle of the Arabic verb ḥammada (حَمَّدَ), praise, which comes from the triconsonantal root Ḥ-M-D. The word can therefore be translated as "praised, commendable, laudable".

We find the Root prime word of H M D in the Hebrew manuscripts.
Muhammad comes from the word HAM (HEM= abundance, wealth).
And the Prime Root of HAM is the Hebrew word HAMAH in the manuscript.

HAMAH= 1. to make a lound sound (i.e. to HUM)  2. to be in great commotion, tumult, to rage, war, Moan, clamour.

I seen a documentary on PBS a man did about the early life of Muhammad and i guess the Muslim world made an UPROAR (Hamah) over what he found and now that doc cannot be found. And they did a new Doc according to the Muslim story to replace it becaue the Muslims BITCHED & MOANED (Hamah) about it.

Muhammad was born in Mecca part of the great RICH & WEALTHY (Hem) family of Priest that had all Meccans worshipping their over 100 gods.
You see religion is a money maker and Muhammads family created these over 100 gods to keep the Meccans bring them sacrifices & offrings of Gold & Silver which enabled this rich family to never work a dam day in their lives and live as Kings in Mecca.

Muhammad born into this family was expected to keep this lie going but Muhammad had a different heart. He SEEN how his family was deceiving and Lying to the people under this false pretence to stay RICH & WEALTHY (Hem).
He seen the people of Mecca suffering because they gave everything to these rich decieving family. So when he started to tell the people their lies him being of the family of Liars his own family tried to kill him and Muhammad fled into Egypt for his life.

In Egypt Muhammad fled with nothing but the clothes on his back and starving & dying of thirst. A Christian Church took Muhammad in saving his life from starvation & thirst. While Muhammad was there those Christians told Muhammad the Gospel of Jesus from the NEW TESTAMENT ONLY (this is important fact) and Muhammad became a Christian.

Because Muhammad wanted to see the place where they killed his Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ him being a new Christian.

Because thats a lie. Those were ALL CHRSTIANS with Muhammad in Medina and also explains Muhammads christian wives at that time that all history agrees he had. Muhammad left Jerusalem and went back home to Mecca & preached that same Gospel preached to him and STOLE AWAY the worshippers from Mecca. He took those new christians of Mecca and made a town called Medina (arabic for Town) supposedly know as Yathrib at that time.  (Yathrib is also most likely a lie because that word was first formed in the Quran written my Meccan liers not by Muhammad & the Medinans (Towns folk).

Muhammad set his Town (his medina ) right next to Mecca like a christian city of refuge where he could receive any Meccans trying to flee to Christianity from Mecca. And also to make a Stand against his own lying & deciving family that have been browbeating the Meccans for years and years.

Muhammad had put a huge dent in the wallets of this deceiving High Ruling religious family of Mecca (His own family). And  he had also stolen the hearts of the Meccan worshippers to Christ. 
Muhammad never wrote any scripts or scolls. It's possible he had some gospels scripts given to him in egypt. 
After the The High archy Meccan finally killed Muhammad they still had to win back their worshippers Muhammad had stolen away from them. And those worshippers thought everything of Muhammad. So they wrote the Quran in their own word mixing the words of Muhammads gospels and changed their religion from over 100 gods into 1 God and got their worshippers back by going Monotheistic and making Mihammad whom the Meccans loved into The Prophet.

This manuveur brought back all the worshippers with all their gold & silver and offrings back to The rich  & powerful Ruling family of Mecca making them HEM (Weathy & Abundant)  again.

This is why all of the Quran has simular laws & scriptures as does Gods word.
BUT I have read Quran and i noticed a big thing which God brought to my eyes & ears.
REMEMBER i said its AN IMPORTANT FACT that Muhammad left egypt & only heard the New testament parts of the Bible???

YOU WILL NOTICE all the simularities of the Quran & Gods word are only with the Gospels. The Quran writters could only steal from the Gospels because Muhammad didnt know or have any Old Testament. This is why all the simularities of the Quran that sounds like Gods word were taken from the New testament not the Old. ESPECIALLY the story of Issac & Ishmael. You can totally tell that the parts of the Quran about Ishmael & Isaac are only simular to where the New testament talks about Ishmael & Isaac. Also where the Quran talks about Moses you can tell its from where the New testament talks about Moses not the Old Testament.

Everything in the Quran wa stolen from the New Testament plus added a few things by this RICH & WEALTHY (Hem) family . This is also why they could not write even Jesus out of their Quran because Muhammad had plowed Jesus inot the hearts of the Meccans. So they stole from the new testament and put a few TWIST on it like the crooked serpents they are.

NOTE: Muhammad was not even his real name. Muhammed was the name of this RICH & WEALTHY (Hem) Family that killed Muhammed and wrote the Quran deceiving people to think Islam & not Christianity. This is why i gave the Etymologies of the names in the beginning of this blog and am going to give it in the end.

 prime word of H M D in the Hebrew manuscripts.

Muhammad comes from the word HAM (HEM= abundance, wealth).

And the Prime Root of HAM is the Hebrew word HAMAH in the manuscript.

HAMAH= 1. to make a lound sound (i.e. to HUM) 2. to be in great commotion, tumult, to rage, war, Moan, clamour.

I have read the word of God chapter by chapter verse by verse not jumping around in the word from front to back in a straight line 8 times in my 8th year now. I start at Genesi 1:1 and read a little everyday in a Straight line until i hit Revealtion 22:21 and then i start over. And i ASK God all things i dont use man (JOHN 14:13-15) i ask thru Jesus Christ and he send  me the Comforter (Parakletos John 14:16-17) and the Comforter is the Holy Spirit that teaches me all things what so ever the word has said unto me (JOHN 14:26)

And in these 8 years i have seen this same works of evil men making religions from God word in the word just like these Meccans have done that born Islam.

The LORD is a GOD of Languages.

( What i have said here today will ENRAGE (Hamah) the Muslim world.)
When Jesus comes there will be wheeping & Gnashing of teeth but even more when the Muslims of Islam see Muhammad the Christian standing with LORD (Yahoveh) and there is No Allah around.

Hope ye like my blog.