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HELBIZ - The Mobility System

RoonyBlackFeb 13, 2018, 10:50:58 PM

What is About?

Helbiz is a company that has created the Helbiz Mobility System – a platform for peer-to-peer renting based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which plans to expand its services. It will be the first to utilize the HelbizCoin token as a means for payment hoping that other companies would acquire this method and this currency. 

The platform makes the process of renting a car or another vehicle easier and faster and provides transparency. It removes any mediators from the equation. Moreover, you get rewards in the form of additional tokens if you put your vehicle for rent and if you are the renter and you share the data you have produced.

How Does the Platform Work? 

The renter accesses the app and searches for available vehicles that are in close distance. Information about the owner and the car is provided along with photos. The renter picks the vehicle he wants and then has to verify his digital identity, while the owner of the car does the same thing. After the verification is complete, a smart contract is generated, which contains the necessary data and the terms and conditions of the transaction. Then the renter is given remote access to the car and the payment is transferred from his wallet to the owner’s. Pretty easy, right?

There are many advantages to the Helbiz platform. One is the privacy of the information. It is in the hands of the provider of the data rather than the company. Then there is security and transparency. Also, it provides the opportunity of converting other existing cryptocurrencies into the HelbizCoin token. They hope to expand the platform by making it possible for other companies that deal with mobility to utilize it and to accept the HelbizCoin as their currency for services. And we hope that they will succeed!


The platform is only in its first phases of development, but they already have set their goals for 2 years ahead. In 2018 they plan to launch a token pre-sale, launch operations in New York, establish a Private Alpha version and expanding to a second city in the United States. In 2019 they will launch a Beta version and spread across 4 more cities in the US before finally launching their Public Version. And that is just the beginning of their journey!

ICO Information

Helbiz will issue 520 000 000 HelbizCoin tokens for sale. The funds raised from this sale will be used for further development of the platform. Of the total supply, 48% of the tokens will be sold to the public, 25% will be put into the user growth fund, 10% will be allocated to the team, 10% to the advisors and early backers, 4% will be sold during the pre-sale event and 3% will be allocated to the bounty program.

The unsold tokens will also be allocate to the user growth fund. The pre-sale started on the 26th January and will continue to the 14th February. The main sale will start on the 15th of February and will end on the 4th of March. The soft cap is set for 5 000 tokens and the hard cap is set for 62 500.

The Team Behind Helbiz

The team consists of 12 members – the founder Salvatore Palella, the co-founders Armando Calvosa and Milos Citakovic, the general advisor Michele De Buono, the strategic advisor Michael Coppola, the president of blockchain operations Justin Giuliano, the strategic and creative director Jonathan Hannestad, the investor and advisor Giulio Profumo, the crypto advisor Stefano Ciravegna, the community manager Jelena Stojanac, the head of engineering Nemanja Stancic and the head of growth Elia Fedorovski.

It is made up from experts in different areas such as finance, investments, cryptocurrency, technology, blockchain, management and software development. Just about everything that a company needs for a successful future.

Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper is made of 11 sections – abstract, the vision, the challenge, the solution, information on the Helbiz Mobility Systems and how it works, Helbiz Coin, the economic model, the token generation and allocation, the native token, roadmap and the team. 

I really like the way it is structured. It may be only 24 pages long but it contains all the information you need. I like that they included tables for comparison so that they outline the advantages of the platform. I also like the pages with the pictures and the quotes. It is not only text and diagrams, which makes it enjoyable for reading.


The platform has many social media accounts and a lot of followers. This shows for its popularity and is a proof of its success. And this is just the beginning – wait until the platform spreads worldwide!

Website Review

The website is well designed. The interface catches the eye. The background is well picked and there are a lot of pictures, which speak for the app. There are sections that provide information on the app and the partners. There is a section for the whitepaper where it is uploaded in seven different languages. It is easy to browse and at the bottom of the page you can find links to the many social media accounts of the platform.

What I Like About the Project?

Helbiz is a company that provides an easier transaction of services when it comes to renting a vehicle. I have not rented a car myself, but I have heard from acquaintances that it is an unnecessarily difficult and slow process and it cost quite the money.

I like that the project solves these problems and also makes it easier to find available vehicles nearby your location. This will be useful if you want to travel because you have some tasks to do around the city. It will also cost less money and provides transparency between the owner and the renter. Personally, I would use the app to rent a car and travel around the city or near it for the purpose of sightseeing.

This is quite the advantage, because it is hard to take your car with you when you go on a trip, especially if you travel by plane to another country. This way you can easily access a vehicle and use it. I really like the idea and I support it!

You can Find More Information Below:

Link to the Helbiz website: https://www.helbizcoin.io/

Link to the Helbiz Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UudcsnOrVwe0DeG4p7k7R3m4l28bAzQ0/view

Telegram: https://t.me/helbiz

Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2853690.0

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2851691.0

My Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1702358

My Username: RoonyBlack