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Current - Makes Media Browsing and Creating Fun, Easy and Rewarding

RoonyBlackFeb 13, 2018, 9:23:19 PM

The Current Problems with Social Media

In our everyday life more and more of use use at least two (if not more) types of media as a source of entertaining content. You Tube, Spotify, SoundCloud and many others are part of our daily routine but we can’t always enjoy them fully. To get the most out of these media platforms we need to pay premium memberships which can be very costly sometimes and that puts up a number of restrictions for the end user. 

What’s more, there are limitations for some of the consumers because they can’t access certain content in their country. It’s not only the end user that has trouble with these platforms- there are a number of problems for the content creators as well. Creators are limited by industry intermediaries and receive a much smaller amount of the profits for their content. There is also a restriction on distribution which really hurts the earning potential and global licensing practices make worldwide reach impossible.

All these problems seriously damage the consumer’s potential for more accessible, quality content and take away the possibility for creators to profit from their own content. In that sense Current is really trying to remedy the problem by bringing a solution to the floor. This platform allows for creators to be paid more and at the same time cuts the cost for consumers by using blockchain. Sounds like they have it all figured out right?

The Idea

Well, Consumers will be able to earn CRNC tokens and get free or discounted memberships. So far so good. But that is not all- all of a consumer’s favorite multimedia will be gathered in one single place, allowing for fast and efficient browsing all around the world. You can follow content anywhere, anytime regardless of whether you are online or offline. Sure, consumers get access and free stuff. And what about the creators?

Current has something for them as well of course. Creators will receive 20% of every token mined and that is in addition to traditional revenue from host networks. When you want to share your content you will be able to reach audiences both domestically and internationally. By decentralizing multimedia, Current makes it so that everybody has something to gain from both creation and browsing and allows for a full experience for lower costs and higher profits. It looks like blockchain helps with the development of more and more creative and innovative ideas.

Overall Perception of Current

In a world of content lovers and content creators, this platform seems to give a lot of opportunity for both so it is no surprise that people are liking the idea. Current has a lot of followers on a number of different social media, among which some of the most popular are Twitter and Facebook. 

The company’s Facebook page seems to particularly famous with a following of over 16 400 people. That is quite amazing, isn’t it. It seems people are interested and want to know more. The likes on Facebook are not much less- nearly 16 000. I don’t know about you but by my standards, that’s a lot of likes for a platform that was lounched in its very first version in just 2017.

On Twitter there is a significantly smaller following of 6 150 but we have to consider that that social media is also significantly less used. Even so, there are regular updates on every new step that the company takes and people seem to be pleased with what’s going on. One last place I want to mention, where Current is quite popular and well received, is GitHub. Content creators and content consumers alike seem to be very excited by the opportunities that the platform allows and are very happy that it has been introduced to the public.

All in all Current is socially and globally liked and appreciated.

The Creative Team that Aids Creation

It is always good to see that innovative ideas are built upon years of experience and that is exactly the case of Current. They have four years of experience in building consumer and media products so it is safe to say that they are well aware of the needs and wants of consumers and creators. They have generated quite sufficient amounts of app downloads and millions in revenue. You can trust me when I tell you that these guys know what they are doing and have years of valuable experience to back them up.

The core team consists of three young and ambitious men- Dan Novaes, Kiran Panesar and Nick McEvily. They are co-founders of the company that has come to change the way you view your multimedia. Let’s see at what each of them has brought to the table.

Dan Novaes is the acting CEO of the company and has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg TV and has amassed a following of 1 200 000. Wow! Way to go Dan! He’s had experience in blockchain investments dating back to 2013.

It seem that he is praised for his entrepreneurial achievements and has taken all of his knowledge to launch Current. 

Next up is Kiran Panesar, co-founder and CTO. He knows what it’s like to work hard since he has not only built but also overseen sites that provide secure web services for thousands of users which means that Kiran handled billions of requests per month. That’s some passion that he wants to bring to decentralized technology. 

I think the most experienced among the three has to be Nick McEvily. The guy has lead software and design teams for the last eight years. He is responsible for the product design and development at Current. It is good to know that he has also had experience as a Ethereum and Bitcoin investor.

The rest of the team comprises a body of professionals that really want to make the platform work and let consumers and content creators have the well deserved experience and profit as many of them understand the struggle that the sharing and viewing of art can be.

As the website itself says: “Rich with experience”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


It really is amazing what ambition can do to a company. Since the first time that the platform was launched, the company has evolved to a great extent. Not only that but they plan to keep doing that- to keep improving and only giving the very best to contributors and investors.

All of that is evident in the roadmap that they presented. 

A Fitting Website

The website is made in a very simple but professional and efficient way. You can easily access every section by clicking on a concise drop menu. The interface is very pleasant and makes you feel like you are in a creative environment that is there to support your own creation. The page even gives information about the so called “Roadshow”, which basically means that you can meet the minds behind the platform and have a chat with them, exchange ideas.

One thing that I am a bit unhappy about is that the website has only an English version but since it is an international language I don’t think that it will pose as a problem to anyone.

Detailed Whitepaper

The Whitepaper really has so much information that is given in an understandable way. It answered all of the questions that I had and I am sure that it will for you too. The document tells you everything about the problem and the solution that Current proposes, about the CRNC token and token sale. All kinds of charts explain how the contributions will be spread and for what. Really, I have nothing negative to say about it. It is quite simply an informative and interesting read.

ICO Details

Each newly issued platform sub token will be given a portion of CRNC which will make immediate liquidity possible for all network participations. Of course, the sub tokens can then be traded for CRNC or any of the other tokens within the ecosystem. The tokens will be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens. That allows for micro-transactions to be tracked down to the second.

Some more information about the token awarding: Users will be able to “mine” tokens by playing media within the platform and from that point the mined tokens are split amongst the creator, curator, consumer and the potential referrer. The total token reward is based on the block reward, the time spent in consuming media and the user’s contribution coefficient and that’s why the reward is not always the same.

The main purpose of the token launch is to kickstart the token market and, naturally, to support the project as it is further developing. The exchange rate is as follows: $0.24 = 1 CRNC. The accepted payments are ETH, BTC and NEO and the softcap is set at $5 000 000 as opposed to a hardcap of $36 000 000. The public presale has already begun and it will end on February 21, 2018. Main sale will be launched on March 14,2018 and will end on April 4, 2018. Users will be able to claim their wallet starting on March 21, 2018.


Current’s main aim is to help out content consumers and creators and they have launched a very useful platform to do that. People seem to be excited about it and want to help with its development and are interested in the steps that they will take in the future. I have to say that I am looking forward all their future plans as well and can’t wait to see how they will actively change the way that we use our media. As a consumer myself I feel that this is a very exciting project that can bring benefits to creators and end users and what is more important is that it can happen globally.

Website: https://tokensale.current.us/index.html

Whitepaper: https://cdn.current.us/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/CurrentCRNC

Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2831598.0

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2829644.0

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1702358

My username: RoonyBlack