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In Defense of Sarg'n

𝙆𝙆Feb 13, 2018, 1:17:31 AM

I make no secret of the fact that I find Sargon's worldview distasteful. As someone who heavily identifies with the Alt Right and the pro-white movement at large, I believe that his ideas not only fail to address declining white demographics, but also directly contribute to this decline. Either he lacks foresight, or simply values his income more than the truth. Every time I sit down to watch a debate between Sargon and the various characters from the Alt Right, I consistently root against him. And yet, in the light of recent events, I somehow feel compelled to shill for him. Not for his sake, but rather for ours.

Kicking off his long debate streak with Millennial Woes, Sargon began engaging in debates with Alt Right personalities more and more frequently, culminating in his discussion with Richard Spencer.

The stream made it to #1 Trending on all of Youtube, and the universal consensus was that Sargon suffered a resounding defeat. Then he was pretty much fair game for the entire internet.

Sargon has always been rather hostile to the Alt Right, and thus from the very beginning set himself up to be attacked.  Posting interracial porn on Twitter last year certainly didn't help his image whatsoever. Thus, it is no surprise there is a large collection of people eager to capitalize on Sargon's recent losses and catalyze his downward spiral. This is where I face a junction with many other people in the Alt Right: namely, I don't believe that kicking Sargon in the face while he's down is the right approach.

As evidenced by his "white n****ers" rant, it is apparent that Sargon seems frustrated with the whole situation, trapped even. He's been bombarded with constant harassment following the debates, and must now constantly guard his speech lest he say something that is promptly turned into a soundbyte and played over and over again to his humiliation. Granted, he's done much to deserve this sort of treatment, but backing him into a corner is not a good strategy.

There seems to be an element of Sargon that truly fears the Alt Right. Given the fact that the mob seems to have made it their mission to harass and destroy him, I don't think much has been done to alleviate those fears. As Murdoch Murdoch seems to suggest, what Sargon needs right now more than anything is an out. Sargon needs someone in the Alt Right to extend the olive branch of peace, someone to offer him a hand while he's down and say, "Look bro, you know we're right...you'll join us in time, just shake and make peace for now."

Like it or not, Sargon of Akkad is still a fairly influential figure in the online community. His subscriber base continues to grow, with his monthly views reaching an average of about 5 million.


In the future, Sargon could potentially be a powerful ally in the fight for whites. Burning this bridge and kicking him in the face while he's down won't destroy him, it will simply strengthen his resolve to vehemently oppose the Alt Right.

Sargon has been beaten, he lost on the #1 Trending stream on Youtube for the entire internet to see. He realizes this as well as anyone. Hell, he even made an apology video afterwards. Sargon needs some time to reevaluate his worldview and hopefully, come to see the light. Cut him a break and allow him to retreat with some dignity. Do that, and the next time we cross paths, it may be as allies instead of adversaries.