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#BAUniC is Love!

VirtualUniverseFeb 12, 2018, 11:51:28 AM

We have direct interest in seeing #BAUniC succeed, fast tech advances that make science-fiction into science-reality and the possibility to surpass the limitations of physics. We want immortality and brain upload as a human right as soon as possible, or sooner, measured in years rather than decades. But the main drive for the #BAUniC initiative is Love. Love of science and what physics' monkeys can do with the proper enlightenment. Otherwise, life for the sake of life without higher objectives makes it less worthy for us to have gone multicellular at all.

A few times already we have debated and prepared for a facelift of the main site of #BAUniC. We can make it more sponsor friendly, and with more sponsors there is more coin/grease of mechanisms that put energy into the research for the formula of the universe, but this adventure is fueled more by passion than coin. Turning to more formal representation of the online presence of #BAUniC would remove some of the homey feeling of the blog, making this much more alike to other similar projects (not as many others as a #FUR #FractalUniverseRevolution would need, but that will change), and if we are going to compete with academia and corporate sponsored researchers, we might as well be as dissimilar to them as we can.

Also, since plans of future development of #BAUniC are migration into blockchain infrastructure, the text-based format of the current blog would fit almost naturally into the new form of storage and presentation.

#BAUniC in the blockchain would become self-sustaining enough to resist a nuclear war on Earth. Now we are unstoppable because of devotion, human effort guided to constructing the #BAUniC, holding it up, and promoting it. The more technology takes roles previously held by humans, the better.

So far we are finding the use of regular(traditional) money more of a nuisance than a benefit. Comfortable they are compared to trading goods for goods, but cryptocurrency trumps regular fiat currency so much in quality and fitting our vision that we are thinking of completely cutting the ties to regular money.

In the blockchain, you could literally vote with your wallet.

Thank you technology!

Happy distraction day 20180214!

The #FractalUniverseRevolution is Unstoppable!


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