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What it is Debitum Network?

mariawilsonFeb 11, 2018, 7:41:38 PM

Debitum Network Company wants to create the new asset class with the possibility of investing into the global SME loan market and to provide suitable infrastructure in doing this. The infrastructure with the trust that comes with will ensure different service providers with the blockchain solution which comes with it. There are many experts who have the opportunity of participating in the global financing market through proposing the professional service at large scale. In the end, the small businesses will be able to get enough capital for their growth.

Debitum Network

Before, there was no technical solution for this problem and the global infrastructure that wanted to address the problem was not trustful or effective. Financial institution and banks are not funding small business because they think that it is not attractive and it is a cost ineffective business. With Debitum Network’s solution, this problem can get the solution.

How it works

The borrower gives the information needed to get a loan, and the investor will pay through the financing process available. The services provider will freeze some of the tokens in order to guarantee the quality of the future services. Even if the trust smart may contrast at once, there is an updated trust rating for every service provider with the community that they are representing.

The operators of the company ensure that there is a smooth of fiat crypto interaction from the start up to the time of payment.

The competition

In the businesses that are traditionally managed, they have only one layer. The angel investors, venture capitals, credit union and banks are found at one side.

By now, there is no other business yet that compete with Debitum Network. Other ICOs that are at the market, they want to factor and to narrow the niches. However they do suggest that money should be kept in the crypto and this is something which is not possible with most small businesses. The small company has to go through a costly and difficult process in order to arrange for the loan. By now, it is hard for the business to risk adopting crypto business. This is why the Debitum Network is now choosing to use the hybrid solution so that the company can be able to finance itself while it continues to adopt the crypto as its only source of capital.

Any business can join Debitum Network wherever it is, and they can receive the financing offer which is available. The system can do most of the processing and also tracking free of charge. For the banks, the differentiation has already been given the name, and it is called alternative financing, and it has been in the business for a long period now. For services providers and investors, they have not yet been such alternatives.

When investors join Debitum Network, they will enjoy attractive risk and return ratio. But the problem is that investing into the SME is still not an available option for most investors.

The Debitum Network team has enough knowledge in the alternative finance, and there is a significant technical ability with skilled IT professionals who are on board. The company has already built a smart contract, and they are ready to start.

The company has already built the first target in the countries of Europe, and they are expanding their team using highly skilled professional found in the targeted countries while preparing to reach the global and regional countries. The IT technicians will also work to develop, test and audit the software developed just for Debitum.

Debitum Network is the business to look up since it wants to help business, wherever they come from for global and transplant access. As many businesses may join in the system, then the SMEs will start to get the financing with better terms. In the areas which do not have the financing yet, the Debitum Network will offer the innovative and viable option. 

Debitum Network website: https://debitum.network/

Whitepaper link: https://debitum.network/whitepaper

Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1464621