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Affidavits. Ignorance of the Law does not excuse misconduct in anyone, least of all a sworn officer of the law. Maxim of Law.

Luminous▼SovereignFeb 9, 2018, 12:00:26 PM

No one is believed in court but upon his oath. (Maxim of law)


All Affidavits are TRUTH AFFIDAVITS-for they are the manner for the Sovereign People to address other Sovereign people or government. The Constitutions  state that all cases of Common Law will be tried by Affidavits. Affidavits state only the facts provable by the maker.

Affidavits are mainly in COMMERCE and deal with COMMERCIAL MATTERS.

Affidavits entered in the County Records/Public Records become PUBLIC POLICY and are established as the facts of the case/issue.

Affidavits entered in the County Records/Public Records and not REBUTTED after 30 days becomes the Law of the (particular) Case/Issue.

Affidavits establish the Law for the cases in COMMON LAW and through the County Recorder/Public Record they become PUBLIC POLICY. PUBLIC POLICY is not for the Sovereign People. It is for the PUBLIC (SERVANTS) OFFICIALS, OFFICERS, WORKERS, AGENTS, etc.

Sovereign People are PRIVATE, the government is PUBLIC (including everything in the public corporations).

After entering the AFFIDAVIT into the County Record/Public Record, three certified copies should be obtained from the Notary Public, if the case is in a CORPORATE COURT (which it always is).

One copy is entered into the Records of the Court (file stamp into case) and take the other two copies to court.

Upon the court appearance, present one to the Plaintiff and give the other to the bailiff to hand to the Judge.

From this point on you are the Creditor or Secured Party in the case and the case cannot proceed until your AFFIDAVIT has been rebutted.

At that point simply notify the Judge (administrator), My AFFIDAVIT has not been rebutted, I am Creditor and Secured Party to this action and  I, Sui Juris, John, a competent natural man of the genealogy of Doe, on the Land do hereby choose to honor your offer and accept the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Illinois and your mandated Oath of Office as the designated PUBLIC SERVANT, doing business as “Judge – Circuit Court Cook County,” as found filed and recorded in the official public records of Cook County Illinois, as instrument 2003023744 dated the 19 day of January 2012, successor, assigns and Court Clerks and all PUBLIC SERVANTs relating, as your open and binding offer of promise to form a firm and binding contract between the respective governments, their political instrumentalities and all the above so recognized PUBLIC SERVANTs and Me, in My private capacity.  Certified copy of instrument 2003023744 attached.  By My acceptance for "full acquittance and discharge" with prejudice and I am leaving.

If you do not want to go to the court-simply write an order to the court for Full Acquittance and Discharge with prejudice.

Any papers received after this can be sent back refused for "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted" in REBUTTAL of your Affidavit.

Affidavits must be entered into the County Record/Public Record for it is here that PUBLIC POLICY LAW is established by the Sovereign People.

If it is not put into the County Record/Public Record - it must be placed in the Newspaper for 3 weeks or posted on the court bulletin board for 3 weeks. or posted on the Internet.


Common Law is the beginning of all Law and in its perfection is the absence of all Law and in today's society it is known as PUBLIC POLICY. Common Law summed up in simple terms is the will of the people and will manifest itself in separate cases as people so rule with their conscience and a sense of fair play.

Common Law is a Law that is Common to all People.

Common Law is Common Sense and is the Law of the Creator of this Universe - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Common Law supersedes all Law and is Superior in all Cases to Statutory Law, Codified Law, and Rules and Regulations, Codes etc.

Common Law establishes Constitutions as all Power is inherent in the People.

Common Law establishes through the Constitution all restrictions on the corporate government (public servants).

Constitutions never give the corporate government power for legislating People.

Government only has the power to Legislate the workings of the different functions of the various departments to allow the people Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.

Constitutions can never establish Common Law...for then all Power would not be in the People, but would be in the Constitution and it is only a piece of paper, and the Peoples right to redress grievances or to amend, change, or address any problem could not be.

The Creator created man... man (with help) created government, government started CORPORATIONS.

The Creator rules over man,

man rules over government,

and government rules over CORPORATIONS.

Governments are mere pieces of paper to be altered and changed to the whim of the living souls.

CORPORATIONS are mere pieces of paper that government can change and alter at their whim.

The Creator is Superior over Man,

government, and CORPORATIONS.

Man is superior to government and CORPORATIONS.

If man says they do not exist-they do not exist.

Simply said, Common Law - PUBLIC POLICY - the Will of the People, a Law Common to all People.

Simply ask the public servant will you swear to that in writing signed under your commercial liability?

Simple say I will hold you personally liable for any injury, violation of rights to me, my family, my property.

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