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PARKGENE - Easy Parking

mirofameFeb 9, 2018, 2:27:20 AM

▶️ 2-Minute ICO Video - PARKGENE

✅ Annoying Parking

Every driver knows how hard it is to find a decent parking spot in a crowded city. Either it`s too expensive or so crowded that you can`t find a spot. It is so frustrating to search and even if by some chance we find something it most likely is in the corner of some shady, overpriced parking lot without any sort of protection or supervision so we end up afraid that we will return and find the car without wheels of it would be just missing. Even if we do find a spot that isn`t inn a shady parking lot it will most likely be on a crowded street far away from where we want to go and that still isn`t ideal because who knows if someone won`t scratch it or worse than that. Honestly I don`t like either option so an idea like PARKGENE is perfect for me.

☑️What Does PARKGENE do❓

That is the easiest question to answer honestly. PARKGENE eliminates the need to physically search for a spot, deals with the problems of shady parking lots and lets you stay calm that your car is in a safe space. With its app which has its beta version coming out February 2018 people will be able to find safe parking spaces easily and we will pay less for it. The app uses peer-to-peer technology to connect drivers with parking owners directly. After a reservation the app is going to transfer the necessary amount from the driver`s wallet to the park owner`s. Let me tell you something that you probably already guessed: it would not transfer dollars nor euro. PARKGENE is establishing the GENE token as the main currency that is going to be used in the app.

☑️Who are the People Behind PARKGENE❓

PARKGENE has assembled one extraordinary team to accomplish its task. Each and every single one of them has a lot of experience in their fields. Which obviously include peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, internet marketing and so many others. The team uses their experience very well so that PARKGENE is going to become reality and is going to save us a lot of nerves.

Of course these are just three of the chiefs but information about them and the rest can be found in the whitepaper. Their contact information is located in the website.


Token Sale

During the Token Sale, PARKGENE PTE Ltd will issue a crypto token called GENE Token (GENE) on the Ethereum blockchain, operated by a smart contract which will be made available to buyers globally, excluding Restricted Persons.

✔️• GENE (GENE) – ERC20 token with a limited release

✔️• Blockchain: Ethereum

✔️• GENE (Token Sale Base Price) = $0.10

✔️• Total GENE: 1,000,000,000

✔️• Token Sale Hard Cap 350,000,000 GENE

✔️• Accepted forms of payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH and USD

Any unsold tokens will be burned.

✅ Roadmap

☑️Whitepaper and Website Review

Their website has the necessary information, like ICO data, FAQ`s, team information and ways to contact them, neatly displayed for everyone to see and with the not invasive blue-white theme it is easy and rather pleasant to read, although we have seen similar themes a lot and it could get boring after a while. The way they express themselves is also quite nice as it is not too confident nor too modest. Their name is catchy enough so that people would not have problems and overall I am rather impresses by what they have done.

PARKGENE`s writers are very good I must say. They have kept the Whitepaper easy to read even though there is a ton of information in it. They chose a nice theme to go along as well which helps a lot with not falling asleep when reading it, although I doubt that there is a driver that is not going to be excited about something like this.

⚠️My thoughts

As a driver, to me this seems like a great idea. Having to search for a spot every day takes too much time and energy. Not to mention that it is expensive as all hell. And PARKGENE solves that issue for me. Instead of searching all day for a spot, PARKGENE grants me direct contact with park spaces I can easily choose where I want to park and I could go directly there.

On the other side it is good as well. If I wanted to give my garage as a parking space this, again, makes things way easier. Even if I do not have the necessary equipment. PARKGENE, is going to sell remote garage door openers that are compatible with their system as well as cameras that can be mounted to ensure the safety of the garage and the vehicle in it.

In short this is one idea that can really change how we go by with our day to day lives and I highly advice you check out the site and the whitepaper as they really do explain everything really well.

⚠️The site can be found here: https://parkgene.io/

⚠️And the whitepaper is easily accessable with this Link: https://parkgene.io/home/download-whitepaper-docs/

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⚠️Username: mirofame