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draximusFeb 8, 2018, 1:00:06 PM

Tolerance isn't a one way street.  Tolerate me and I'll tolerate you..  I don't tolerate the intolerable.

Gender is fixed after a few days in the womb.  It can't be altered by surgery, hormone therapy or made up pronouns.  Don't try to use political pressure to force me to believe that your psychological issues are 'normal'.

'Inclusivity' must include everyone or it isn't actually inclusive.

Equality of the sexes means just that.  It doesn't mean that women should get a special deal because of what happened in the past.

Respect my spiritual beliefs and I'll respect yours. 

I have never owned a slave, pillaged India or killed a native American.  If you expect me to pay you reparations for something I had no control over I suggest you don't hold your breath.

Every race deserves a homeland of their own.  Go there and get out of mine.

Mainstream journalism has replaced politics as the most untrustworthy occupation on the planet..  I'd trust a whore before I'd trust the BBC.

Getting an education means just that.  It doesn't mean getting a degree in Womens studies, dressing like a vagina and waving placards on a street corner.

Grow your own food, use local shops, repair or recycle before you replace and don't eat fast food.

Never trust a Jew.

Remove kebab.