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Moving Forward 😊

GoddessesFeb 8, 2018, 9:53:20 AM

Yes it hurts, but you will get over it. I know it is not easy to wake up everyday feeling like there is a missing piece of your existence. It is too damn difficult to lose sleep everyday and crying in silence when the night gets deep. I know it is difficult to face everyday when you get used to be with someone whom you have invested so much emotions. It is too damn frustrating to convince yourself that you are okay even if you are not. Do not force yourself to move on. It takes time. It takes acceptance. Cry until it hurts no more. Grief until you get tired...until you feel nothing anymore. Don’t pretend to be strong. It is okay to be weak. You are just being human. It really hurts right now for sure , but trust me you will be fine. You might be drowning with sadness and sorry right now but it is just temporary. You will definitely reach that point that you will just laugh for how stupid you have become. For wasting so much of your time to someone who did not treat you right. Never be afraid to fall in love again. It is not too late to start over. Someone out there is more than willing to risk everything just to be with you. It is never too late to be happy.