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Julian Assange, Dead or Alive? A Timeline of Events

HitlerTheDankestMemeOfThemAllJun 19, 2018, 3:33:11 PM

Edit: I will leave my blog in it's original form for posterities sake, but considering that Wikileaks Insurance files, which were supposed to be released when Assange was arrested by the UK police, or killed, failed to be unlocked in any capacity, simply makes it an almost certainty that the 'Assange was killed/kidnapped before Trump won the white house' theory is 99% likely to be accurate. Read away regardless, the process underwent to destroy and subvert Wikileaks was long and very hard work for the ZOG to accomplish.

This blog is a compilation of all the most verifiable strange and disturbing things that have happened in the last couple of years revolving around the Wikileaks organization and Julian Assange. I review these and come to the conclusion that I'm not sure if he is even still alive, the man in the embassy (if there even IS a man there anymore) could very well be an MK-ULTRA operative or willing actor who has undergone years of plastic surgery and training in mannerisms to mimic the man, and the organization itself is likely compromised as a result, bearing in mind that whatever agency, the CIA, NSA, MOSSAD or others, who decided to hypothetically take Wikileaks down, had 6+ years to prepare for this, that's a lot of time to plan any operation. Feel free to post your opinions or evidence that swings this opinion either way in the comments, I’m happy to read it if it has any merit and will adjust my blog accordingly, I know I'm missing a few small things anyway.


Insurance Files: Wikileaks from the start has had publicly available, a very large heavily encrypted file free to torrent on it's website that is periodically updated with new leaks, these contain leaks that are of far more danger and threat to the powers that be than what they normally release, this is why the alphabet agencies of the USA and Israel have always tip-toed around Wikileaks despite quite badly wanting to destroy them, the average person would have no idea what is in these but I can guess at much of the content, it would likely identify how the child sex trafficking networks work and which CIA and political agents are running them from the shadows, which government organizations or NGOs have committed which terror attacks that are attributed to terrorists or lone killers etc, likely a lot of leaks revolving around the federal reserve and European Union and its shady activities, leaks on advanced technologies that would solve serious issues in the world that are hidden (sometimes by corps simply buying the designs and burying them never to be used) and suppressed for various reasons or even possibly leaks on UFOs and alien contacts with our world.

Dead-mans Switch: This is the term used for the code/s you need to unlock encrypted files and hard-drives, essentially a password, Wikileaks has an advanced, time-based hash-code system that requires both new keys entered to keep the files active, unhackable and usable or, if something goes wrong, a special keycode that will unlock the whole thing.

Blockchain: “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” In this case a bitcoin based open-source, decentralized transaction history that indicates a lot about the financial movements of the Wikileaks organization, a public record in a sense of what accounts donate bitcoins to Wikileaks and to some extent what Wikileaks does with the money, crypto-currencies have been a major source of vital revenue for the Wikileaks org for many years since the credit card blockades were enacted against them. One can also put normal text, or code words, and work them into the blockchain itself as personal or public references to the transaction itself, or anything they want, including coded messages, spy stuff etc.

Proponents of crypto-currencies claim this system is very robust and secure, almost immune to disruption and manipulation. This is a very naive viewpoint i believe.

Mempool: Typically associated with Bitcoin and blockchains in general, when a transaction has been conducted over a network, it is transmitted and held in what is known as the Mempool (Memory pool) until a crypto-currency miner picks it up and includes it in the next block.

The Mempool consists of pending transactions that have occurred over a crypto-currency’s network and are therefore awaiting approval by a crypto-currency miner. Each node on a crypto-currency network operates their own Mempool, and thus will have their own unique size. The size of a node’s Mempool is typically represented as a unit of memory, the megabyte (MB).

DDoS: Digital Denial of Service attack, a form of flooding a website with thousands of requests a second from an individual computer, putting pressure on the server that hosts the website, depending on a variety of factors it can overheat and damage the central processor, consume the monthly data transfer cap the website has, if it has one, or even crash the server itself and cause the website to go offline until an IT tech goes to the machine in person and repairs and restarts it, this can cost a great deal of money as usually the website owners will need to pay repair fees or pay more money to secure better protections as-well as a stronger server/different provider to host their site in the future, as leaving things the same will only invite another attack.

You can download for free (although it's a risky endeavor these days, lots of honeypot traps for those who aren't as tech savvy as most) or even create your own program to perform a DDoS attack personally, however your CPU's strength and your internet bandwidth are a hard limit on what one PC can do and you can only bring down small websites these days acting alone, you would need to coordinate with other people online and attack together to bring down a website, not to mention it's clear that you're the one performing the attack which can leave you in big legal trouble. Using a VPN also is not really an option in this case as you're essentially DDOSing the VPN server instead and not your target, which will receive a minimal amount of traffic from it, certainly a nuisance but i doubt any sites have ever been brought down using such a manner.

Most DDoS attacks come from computers infected with Malware and viruses that are internet connected, and the Malware will direct the attacks without the users of the infected computers noticing anything except perhaps a slowdown in internet bandwidth and increase in the load upon your computers CPU. You can pay organizations that run and control these thousands of co-opted PCs, mostly Chinese and Russian-based, who have access to infected PCs ranging from the hundreds to the hundred-thousands to perform these attacks if you like, the duration and severity of the attacks depends entirely upon how much you are willing to pay, and can be very expensive. These groups are usually paid through crypto-currencies.


May 11th 2016: Michael Ratner Wikileaks chief council died of cancer. Bear in mind that Roger Stone (advisor for InfoWars) openly claims he was poisoned with radiation by spies and was lucky to survive, giving a target cancer via various means is a known method of assassination, however this is merely speculation and something to just keep in mind, as it is awfully convenient for Julian's enemies that he died that year.

Jul 10th: Seth Rich, DNC staffer who allegedly leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks, is shot in the back and dies in a “botched robbery gone wrong”, his wallet, watch and phone were not taken.

Aug 5th: Edward Snowden (source of leaks on PRISM surveillance by the NSA) tweets 64 bit code (potential dead man's switch), code thus far has failed to unlock anything, he has provided no explanation of what the code is or what it's purpose is for, to the public.

Aug 10th: Wikileaks offers $20k reward for information on the murder of Seth Rich. The implications are large and unprecedented for the organization.

August 16th: John Jones, a renowned lawyer who once represented Julian Assange in court died after being struck by a train in West Hampstead. He was on a cocktail of prescription drugs, no footage of the death has been released, not even in court because the Coroner (who didn't appear in the court in person) thought it was "too distressing" to have a courtroom watch a CCTV reel, and the train driver signed a written statement backing up the suicide story and did not appear in court either.


Aug 23rd: Man attempts to scale the walls of the embassy at night, is unsuccessful and is chased off, was never caught or identified. This is despite a supposed 24-hour UK Police presence watching the embassy at all times, to point out the obvious.

Oct 7th: Wikileaks releases the first batch of the Podesta emails.

Oct 14th: John Podesta tweets "I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy”. A direct attack on Julian Assange by a man who should have completely ignored him if he was being smart, or, alternatively, was remotely afraid of any repercussions from the public.

Oct 16th/17th: John Kerry visits the UK, personally pressures Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton. Is ultimately unsuccessful due to election results favoring Assange.

Oct 16th: Wikileaks tweets SHA-256 pre-release, pre-commitment keys.

Oct 18th: Ecuadorian Embassy cuts off Assange's internet access for an undetermined number of days with little explanation and a poor excuse. The Russian Hysteria narrative in US politics starts from here.

Oct 18th: Pamela Anderson glamorously visits Assange and brings him a gourmet sandwich. Apparently they've been in contact before and have been at this for a long time, yet little evidence is out there of such a relationship before this, she then starts openly advocating for his release after this meeting, however many strange things start occurring around the embassy from this point on that have not been explained, one could claim her efforts of drawing attention to his imprisonment (when her visit and sandwich could have contained poison and Julian was already taken from the embassy by the time she started talking to the media) are a simple smokescreen to imply everything’s fine, her personal history is very degenerate and can likely involve MKULTRA indoctrination from her playboy exploitation days or selling herself/performing favors for the CIA and/or deep state to gain additional fame and fortune after she started to age, anyone suspected of genuine Satanic worship in Hollywood like Pamela Anderson all lead strange and suspicious lives, she is no exception. If she was involved, there is a good chance that gourmet sandwich she brought was poisoned in some manner, very easy to achieve with or without her knowledge.

Selling your soul for fame and fortune has been a common theme in Hollywood since it's usurpation by communist Jews fleeing Germany under Hitler in the 30s.

Oct 19th: Witnesses photograph and report heavily armed police and black vans outside Ecuadorian Embassy, and are barred from approaching and have cellphones confiscated. All live feeds are cut off, all phones and cameras are confiscated on the spot.

Oct 19th: Fox News reports Assange will be arrested in a matter of hours.

Oct 19th: https://file.wikileaks.org/file is made publicly visible, file dates/timestamps of all leaks changed to 1984 (an Orwell reference).

Oct 20th: the subreddits /r/wikileaks, /r/dncleaks, /r/wikileakstaskforce and /r/nsaleaks add 21 new moderators and remove previous mods, all threads about Assange going missing have been getting deleted since. Threads on the chans on this subject are usually buried under paid shill brigades and are often deleted.

Oct 20th/21st: Wikileaks tweets 5 tweets with misspelled words in the form of additional letters. The incorrect letters spell "HELP HIM". The Wikileaks twitter has never made a spelling error, let alone 5 in two days. Wikileaks twitter behavior from this day on can only be described as out of character.

Oct 21st: A Massive DDoS attack is launched on the USA's internet, the biggest in history, also it was barely reported upon, currently the only way to hypothetically stop a deadmans' switch code being released to the public through online means. Wikileaks tweets to imply the attack originates from its very own supporters, asking them to stop, no evidence supports this claim.

Oct 21st: London Airport is evacuated due to an alleged "chemical attack", potentially used as cover to fly Assange out of country, alive or dead.

Oct 22nd: Gavin MacFayden (a onetime mentor to Assange and a key player in Wikileaks) dies of lung cancer.

Oct 23rd: Wikileaks Tweets poll asking how best to prove Assange is alive (he still hasn't appeared on video or at the window since, until recently). Snarky satirical posts like these have almost never before been posted on the Wikileaks twitter.

Oct 24th: Wikileaks Tweets video interview of Assange and Michael Moore recorded in June, yet both parties tried to imply it was made recently.

Oct 26th: 4chan users successfully decode their first message in Wikileak's blockchain. Threads are instantly flooded by shills repeatedly saying that it's not worth looking into. The blockchain is flooded and blocked with fees and 43,000+ unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool, muddying the waters, so to speak.

Nov 6th: A huge DDoS takes down the Wikileaks website for first time in years. Wikileaks has a very advanced, well-protected website well suited to handling and weathering most forms of hacking and disruption, it would have taken a monumental DDoS to take it down.

Nov 7th: Various groups and entities notice hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks, accessed with direct entry.

Nov 8th 2016: Trump wins the US election.

Nov 12th: Assange 'meets' with Swedish prosecutor regarding rape allegations, lawyers barred from attending, meeting conducted via an Equadorian ambassador, not face to face.

Nov 14th: Wikileaks releases new insurance files, SHA-256 hashes do not match those tweeted in October. The hashes stop matching up with the old insurance files from this point on and a new insurance file is uploaded for torrenting instead.

There have been various interviews done with Julian Assange since this point, almost always prerecorded (i have only seen interviews with just him in the picture, interviewers are always only seen on secondary cameras, switching back and forth, nothing too unusual, but there's usually one camera covering both subjects in normal interviews, another telling clue?) or with terrible picture and voice quality streams, his voice and mannerisms are spot on but if you got a guy with his appearance and build and spent 6 years training him for this (6+ years is the period that he's been under extreme surveillance by various governments spy agencies, but was a very wanted man prior to that anyway), that doesn't really tell you much.

'Assange' has still not made a single attempt to prove his own identity and safety in well over 2* years and simply ignores these requests, Wikileaks is behaving more political than ever and believes supporting Trump and the new right wing of the republican party will be their salvation, or at least on the surface they are behaving that way, and undermining their international reputation for impartiality in the process. When was the last time you or anyone saw Assanges Cat online?

There is also now mainstream, open-source technology anybody can purchase or pirate that allows you to edit videos and plaster peoples faces onto other actors, it's currently primitive but very simple to use and I’d wager a fortune that the globalist conspirators and deep state circles have much better versions and use them when needed, but rarely. Video footage should now be presumed to be only half-decent evidence these days as a result, especially indoor footage as it's much easier to manipulate videos with only indoor lighting, ask any cameraman or photography expert.

None of this is conclusive, however it is worth reading for context alone, most people are not aware of most of the events on this list. I'm not convinced that Julian Assange is alive, and even if he is then I'm assuming that both he and the Wikileaks organization are heavily compromised and controlled at this stage and Wikileaks is not safe to trust, use, or submit leaks to anymore. Look elsewhere if you wish to engage with whistle-blowing for your own safety, or at the very least put strenuous effort into removing your own identity from whatever you feel you must submit, anything you send would likely be pored over extensively by federal investigators working for sinister groups, even if your leak does somehow make it to the Wikileaks archives.

Additional Unverified Information and discussion on this subject;










If you are particularly tech-savvy here is technical data I've found for you to piece together in regards to Wikileaks movements online and bitcoin block-chain movements (although i'd suggest you simply network your way into finding an investigation group online like those who compiled the following information, you'd have more progress that way assuming you found trustworthy folk), Bitcoin being Wikileaks main method of staying active and profitable these last few years, and a good way to monitor a person or businesses actions, I hope someone finds it useful. Be very careful when digging into this, many people have lost whole computers due to hackers sending malicious code destroying hard-drives and CPUs and some investigators have even disappeared entirely digging into this on the internet.

Many of these links are dead so please use archive.today or any other archive site to restore them if possible.



insurance.aes256 DE 18 1B 73 EF F3 5E 39 DA

wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 0F 0B DA 00 F0 35 9A 0F C8

wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 AB C2 04 75 6B AB 85 BE 30

wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 73 6B 46 4C 2F 84 9A C2 A4




















US Kerry [1]- 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809

UK FCO [2]- f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d80d02a072f74

EC [3]- eae5c9b064ed649ba468f0800abf8b56ae5cfe355b93b1ce90a1b92a48a9ab72

sha256sum 2016-11-07_WL-Insurance_US.aes256 ab786b76a195cacde2d94506ca512ee950340f1404244312778144f67d4c8002

sha256sum 2016-11-07_WL-Insurance_UK.aes256 655821253135f8eabff54ec62c7f243a27d1d0b7037dc210f59267c43279a340

sha256sum 2016-11-07_WL-Insurance_EC.aes256 b231ccef70338a857e48984f0fd73ea920eff70ab6b593548b0adcbd1423b995

wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 [5],[6]


wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 [5], [7]


wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 [5], [8]


insurance.aes256 [9], [10]


[1] https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/787777344740163584

[2] https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/787781046519693316

[3] https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/787781519951720449

[4] https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/796085225394536448?lang=en

[5] https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Wiki_Backups

[6] https://file.wikileaks.org/torrent/wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256.torrent

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[10] https://web.archive.org/web/20100901162556/https://leakmirror.wikileaks.org/file/straw-glass-and-bottle/insurance.aes256











Download http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmSU67Ei3TerNe32CcZTgd48jKqsVvBTgera1qBWFjKK9V/jean.py

(or http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/QmburFHeUtM3wdrEj3rmUuBkx6iDmYpreyGCvHijgJhZnh/jean_b.py)


python jean.py transaction_number


python jean.py 691dd277dc0e90a462a3d652a1171686de49cf19067cd33c7df0392833fb986a


"Wikileaks Cablegate Backup


Download the following transactions with Satoshi Nakamoto's download tool which can be found in transaction 6c53cd987119ef797d5adccd76241247988a0a5ef783572a9972e7371c5fb0cc Free speech and free enterprise! Thank you Satoshi!"


A nice example is the original Bitcoin paper. It can be found in transaction 54e48e5f5c656b26c3bca14a8c95aa583d07ebe84dde3b7dd4a78f4e4186e713.

python jean.py 54e48e5f5c656b26c3bca14a8c95aa583d07ebe84dde3b7dd4a78f4e4186e713 > paper.pdf

Once it is done you will be able to see a pdf was generated in that directory.

Note that the transaction that generates the Bitcoin paper is related to the transaction that describes the Wikileaks cable dump, the cable dump itself, and many other transactions that have other content. Some has yet to be completely decrypted. These transactions are all related because they have common addresses involved or the money resulting from the transaction was used.

For example, take a look at this transaction: https://blockchain.info/tx/08654f9dc9d673b3527b48ad06ab1b199ad47b61fd54033af30c2ee975c588bd

If you do

python jean.py 08654f9dc9d673b3527b48ad06ab1b199ad47b61fd54033af30c2ee975c588bd

You will get a key that was leaked.

Now, if you look at the addresses involved, you can see one at the bottom, below Wikileaks. It does not show 'Escrow'. Go to that address and see its transactions. You will then find another message. Keep doing this and you'll eventually find the cable dump again. This is the process of 'following the change'.

Using this method we've found several transactions that involve Wikileaks that we don't quite understand. One good strategy is to generate a file from a transaction and then look at its 'magic numbers' to figure out what it could be.

Some of them are: