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BABB – We are the Bank now!

mirofameFeb 5, 2018, 4:36:05 PM

▶️ Short BABB ICO Intro Video: 

✔️First Impression

Decentralized banking, easy exchange and transactions, secure card and on top of that – I am my own bank? That would sound crazy only decades ago, but now is more like what everyone is looking for. BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain) is trying to make all this real, leaving both customers and centralized banks happy. There are a lot of problems with the current centralized banking system, but the centralized banks won’t give up easily. In first look BABB is a great solution. Now let’s get deeper.

✔️What is BABB?

Short answer: A bank account like platform, based on blockchain technology, with minimal fees and their own card – the black card.

More detailed answer: BABB is a platform, in which every user is his own bank. The platform is based on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer. It uses biometrics to create an account. Every user have a bank like account accessible with mobile application. 

Also there is a special card to pay with your BABB’s account – the Black card, it is the world’s first card without any information about the owner. BABB’s goal is to decentralize the banking systems, bank the unbanked and make transactions, payments and cards much cheaper.

☑️What problems does it solve?

Big, centralized bank’s goal is to earn money, not to serve their customers. They have big fees, slow transactions, poor security and bad designed cards. One third of world population is unbanked, because it is not profitable for the banks or even unaffordable for the potential users. By recent reports to bank the unbanked unlocks $380 billion market opportunity. There are a lot of problems for the unbanked people – they can’t securely send money over big distance, they can’t take out a loan safely, even saving money is a hard task.

☑️How it solves them?

BABB is using blockchain technology to offer a bank services to the unbanked. Unlike centralized banks the service is cheap, fast, secure and accessible from anywhere with just a mobile phone and internet connection. There are more benefits of decentralization which BABB can create. The global economy can become more stable by decentralization of the decision making. Overall distributed strength of a decentralized banking platform is stronger than the weak and unstable banks.

☑️BABB’s Products

To achieve their goals BABB have to create technological improvements in existing technologies and ideas, to merge them together, building their idea for decentralized banking.

☑️BABB App

The main part of the BABB platform, that the user will see is the mobile app, which provides all the control of the user’s own bank. Creating an account is very simple – just “taking a selfie and saying a passphrase“. The only thing needed to control your money anywhere is a smartphone (unthinkable part of our everyday life) and internet access, which can be found everywhere thanks to mobile services. BABB supports all traditional banking functions like payments, transfers, cash in/out and other peer-to-peer transactions. 

The trustworthiness is built-in the system by smart contracts. And as said earlier – you are your own bank, and as a bank you can provide services such as currency exchange and giving loans for earning a fee, just like the big centralized banks do. Overall the BABB’s app is giving business and individuals all the needed control of their money.

☑️Black Card

Black card… Sounds like something shady… Something unwanted by the banks… And it could be. The black card is a direct competitor against MasterCard and Visa Electron. And it is even better! BABB’s Black card is the first card without any names or personal information for the user. The card is having only serial number, NFC tag and QR code, which makes it super secure and usable for different accounts. Your account is linked directly to a card, two, or even more, each with different daily limits. 

If you lose your card, you just unlink the card from the app and if you found it again, or get a new one, you just have to scan the QR code and that’s your card now! Easy and simple. The cards are going to be very cheap to get and use, with the minimal fees to use BABB’s system. The Black card is having a lot of benefits. It is an easy solution for the growing markets and developing countries, which makes it the perfect design for card with the available technology.

☑️Peer-to-Peer Network

Every account in the BABB’s platform is a node in a peer-to-peer network, which is managed by smart contracts, because of them the trust is built-in the system. That allows transactions directly from A to B without “middleman” (usually centralized bank). That leads to much lower fees and operation costs.

☑️Biometrics Technology

To make their app secure, BABB is using biometrics technology like voice print, face scan and geolocation to create digital identities for everyone, holding an account. Using biometrics for identity is great, because enables even the people without address or ID documents to be able to open their own bank account. And because they are their own bank, they are keeping their digital identity data. 

Using biometrics is a great substituent of the ID documents, because your body is already unique. I like the idea of using biometrics, because it makes BABB easier to use, more accessible to people and secure.


BABB’s team is a great international selection of professionals in different spheres. There are a wide range of specialists in blockchain, banking, data scientists, researchers and engineers. In the website you can find their short “stories” as well as their LinkedIn profiles. The leader of the team is the CEO Rushd Averroes. He is a financial inclusion specialist, with a highly successful experience. Other members of the team are Jorge Pereira – CTO, Adam Haeems – COO, Paul Johnson – CIO and other, which can be found at BABB’s website.

I like how in each of the team member’s page you can see his languages, so if you are not native English speaker you can get in touch with someone that speaks your language. This is very cool idea, which can help doing business. Also shows that BABB is really into making worldwide business. Overall they achieved creating a great multicultural and multinational team, which can achieve big success together.


BABB is having a very big community. They are daily active in their social media, where they post some interesting articles and news around their work. Let’s say some of the numbers: In Twitter they have more than 4500 followers, in Facebook they are 7400, but their biggest community is in Telegram, where they have more than 12400. BABB can also be found in Medium with 800 Followers and LinkedIn with 350.

They also have a pretty active YouTube channel with around 350 subscribers, where they are showing “behind the scenes” videos from the working process and sharing the hype around the sales and presales. It is always a great thing to show how you work and that way make a stronger connection with the end user. To show that you are not an institution, but a real team of human beings.



Given the project’s ideas, the huge interest in the company and the successful pre-sale, I believe BABB will make a substantial impact in the world in the coming years.

⚠️BABB’s website: https://getbabb.com/

⚠️BABB’s whitepaper: https://resources.getbabb.com/whitepapers/en/babb-whitepaper.pdf

⚠️Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1653137

⚠️Bitcointalk username: mirofame