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Patriot Cane

Gerry GeronimoJan 31, 2018, 8:48:11 PM

This is a review of the "Patriotic" Patriot Cane. There are several models including one from each U.S. Military branch.

I don't need nor use a cane. I bought one to support a veteran. Patriot Cane is veteran-owned and run. I first heard about it here on Minds. @TrotlineDesigns is here on Minds.

The Patriotic cane is well-built and looks very good. It is height adjustable with a click of a button and a plastic ring is twisted clockwise to tighten the adjustable pole in place. The button ensures that the adjustable pole doesn't move up/down with weight placed on the cane.

The weight is perfect. It is light because it is made of aluminum. But it is weighted enough to used defensively should the need arise.

Contrary to its product description,  it does not come with a wrist strap. I verified this with the owner.

USPS damaged the first one mailed to me. The handle was chipped. Fortunately, USPS reimbursed me the full amount in a timely manner.

I ordered another one and consulted with the owner about how to safely ship it to me without damage. He promised to place it in a box with plenty of padding and the handle wrapped. Although the second cane arrived safely, I would still recommend paying extra for the shipment and using another carrier instead of USPS.

Thanks to @TrotlineDesigns for a beautiful and well-built Patriotic cane!