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Why Women Earn Less Than Men, As Fast As Possible

Unquiet ContentionJan 31, 2018, 4:49:41 PM

Per popular rhetoric, we live within a system that favours men over women. However, it strikes me that people who claim this are completely historically, and rationally illiterate and speak such claims without using evidence.

There are more men at the top when it comes to financial earnings, but there are multiple factors to consider.

Who works more hours on average?

On average per source 1, women work almost half of the hours that men do.

If men and women worked equal occupations this would mean that men and women already work at a demonstrably and staggeringly different number of hours on average.

Well what jobs do women choose?

Assuming, as the social constructivists want us to believe, that men and women are equal, we should all be working the same jobs, we should see no difference in the chosen occupations, right?

Per source 2, we see that the clear majority of men work more traditionally masculine roles such as plasterers, painters and decorators and labourers in the UK, and that your average woman works a lesser paid job, such as a midwife or a florist.

All jobs mentioned here indeed have seen a growth too in the number of men and women whom would traditionally be expected to take up that occupation, in other words, the gender pay gap is born of the choices of individuals to peruse whatever jobs they want to do.

And as far as organisations having a bias towards men over women, many operate using quotas to hire men and women based on nothing more than their gender. Every initiative is being taken to equalise or fix a problem that per all logic, isn’t a problem.

Not only that, but people, individuals working within a system are worth more than others, sometimes due to the fact they receive raises in salary, or because they contribute some quality to the company they work within to warrant a raise in pay.

So, if you complain about men earning more than women, go out there and earn more than a man. If you want to earn more than the men at the top without putting any work in, however, you will find yourself missing the mark by a significant margin. Be the change you want to be, but be realistic.

Not even your average man works at the same level and earns the same as the men at the top, and women demonstrably work even less than your average man.

Thanks for listening.

Source 1: https://www.statista.com/statistics/280763/total-weekly-hours-of-work-by-gender-year-on-year/

Source 2: https://careersmart.org.uk/occupations/equality/which-jobs-do-men-and-women-do-occupational-breakdown-gender