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Kratom Saves (Quality of lives)

DEA Censors Truth!

Nearly 2 years ago the DEA had announced that they were going to schedule and therefore remove kratom from the US market.  After a public outcry which then resulted in US Senators and House of Representatives members sending a letter to the DEA asking them to reconsider, something strange happened, they did.  They soon withdrew their scheduling request and opened up a public comments period.  I decided to share my two cents or sense on the matter but waited until just 3 minutes prior to the several month input period's ending, to attempt to get my 5,000 character (the limit) input placed last.  I received confirmation that my comments had been accepted.  Only weeks later when I went back to check did I see that my comments were henceforth removed.  I then also saw the fine print where they claimed the right to remove any comments they choose.  Below in italics are my full 5,000 characters of reasoning with our government which were cut from the public debate.  Maybe it was how I ended my diatribe that rankled them.  :)  They did drop the matter, but more recently the FDA has been stirring up the hornets nest.  Lets hope it is more bluster than brawn.  After the paste of my comments are some relevant links.

Please share your kratom success story in the comments section regarding regaining functionality with its use along with the experiences of those who have successfully ceased taking kratom without experiencing negative consequences, as I have now done.


I've had the 1st hand experience of kratom being instrumental in providing health & wellness to people close to me, including my young son, details below. As an herbalist, I've had the experience of hearing 1st hand the testimonials of multitudes. I also offer some uncommon insights that I doubt many of these comments reference, the critical legal linchpin of this controversy, namely regarding the "non grandfathered" status of kratom & then offer a simple solution to change its current status from a NDI (new dietary ingredient) as per the 1994 DSHEA nutritional supplement law to a "grandfathered supplement" under the same law.

I became aware of kratom in the late 1990s while studying herbalism. I was living in Houston, TX & was employed in very physical work. I then suffered a disabling back injury mid 2002 & moved to Austin, TX, indigent & living out of my pickup truck, barely able to walk most days. I wound up at an herb farm & medicinal apothecary working part time as an herbalist apprentice. I encouraged the owner to stock kratom & he did, which allowed me to utilize it regularly.

Over the next several years I had the experience of being able to function again & build core strength while taking small amounts of kratom daily. I never would take pain pills, as they are disabling, discomforting, & highly addictive. What kratom also did was allow the mother of my my now 11 yr old son Aidan, to overcome a hopeless addiction to morphine. Using small amounts of kratom & other holistic means we got her off the morphine by the start of her 5th month of pregnancy w/Aidan. He is amazing, bright, happy, eager to tackle life. Kratom may have saved both of their lives or quality of lives at least.

I have used kratom to help manage the regular discomfort in my back & as a productivity aid. I have gone weeks at a time w/o it, & every time there has never been the slightest issues w/physical addiction/withdrawls. It has tempered my manic artist mode though & I miss that.

Kratom helps scores of folks overcome addictions or manage chronic pain responsibly, allowing them to lead functional productive lives, w/o being whacked on pills. For many others, like women w/fibromyalsia, kratom is a lifesaver, as it provides relief w/o the debilitating side effects of narcotic solutions.

What I have seen hanging around Portland OR is that there is not just an opiate & heroin epidemic, but a methadone one as well. That stuff is an addictive toxin that these clinics spend 0 effort trying to get people off. They only teach them how to manage their lives while being forever addicted to their morning dose of poison from the clinic. The clinic folks aren't even telling them WHY they are getting desquamating rash on their hands & feet. I have had to tell some of them its because their bodies immune system is having a toxic reaction & is partially shutting down from the daily doses of a chemical isolate. This is a recent worldwide phenomenon among methadone addicts & they wont tell them because them don't want to loose customers!

I point that out because the current system is not working for folks. I know you have the 1994 DSHEA act to follow, and that since nobody has shown the FDA that kratom was sold prior to the Oct 15th cuttoff date date in 1994, that it is not one of the multitude of "grandfathered herbs", therefore making it a NDI (new dietary ingredient). When I 1st marketed kratom, I used a big label with much useful info & in line with the labeling reqs of DSHEA, as I assumed it was grandfathered. It seems counter-intuitive that the FDA says it's not.

Kratom was first known in the US in 1905, studied & all the constituent chemicals id'd in the 50s, widely available online & at stores in 2000 & beyond. Certainly it was acquired & sold at some apothecary somewhere in the US even just once prior to the DSHEA cutoff date?

The grandfathering clause was a silly compromise, no? It did not prove the safety of anything being grandfathered, but it is the law. I am suggesting that for the public welfare, so that proper labeling can occur & kratom can be used responsibly as a nutritional supplement by people who find relief from its use, that you ask the FDA or Congress to exempt or grant a waiver for kratom & grandfather it under these grounds. That it is widely accepted as safe & useful in much of the world, is beneficial to multitudes, & that it likely was sold somewhere in the US prior to 1994, like maybe at an apothecary in hawaii, or even in the Philippines during its time as a US territory in the first half of the last century, which would count & grandfather it like so many other useful herbal & botanicals.

Please take this bold action for our welfare and liberty. Thank You.

Vince Talkz

P.S. One last note. "If people let government decide which foods they should eat & which medicines they should take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny", Thomas Jefferson


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Details regarding other kratom success stories are encouraged below, including those who have quit using kratom without suffering physical withdrawals or negative side effects, as is the case with the vast majority of those who once used kratom.